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Trap Ease America Case Study

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Case 1. Trap-Ease America: The big cheese mousetrap. Prepared by Akmaral Shotbayeva, Finance
1. In order to evaluate their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the investors need the information if there’s another more sophisticated tool of fighting against mice. If there are - their opportunities are not so high. But if another tool haven’t been invented yet and the Trap-Ease is the only innovative mousetrap on the market, Martha and investors are able to use this opportunity.
Group would write mission strategy like “we are making innovative mousetrap that traps mice
I suggest writing it as: “to get rid of mice in the easiest, cleanest and safest way – you can
achieve it with the Trap-Ease mousetraps”.
2. I also think that the best target is women, as mostly women are doing housekeeping. The other consumer target can be vessel-owners or ...view middle of the document...

- $10,000 on advertising in Good Housekeeping and other “home and shelter”
- $50,000 for travel costs to visit trade shows and to make sales calls on retailers
Considering the Place, I think, Trap-Ease can be also distributed through supermarkets (like Wal-Mart and others), because housewives often visit these kinds of supermarkets. Other items of marketing mix, in my opinion, can be remained the same.
5. The Trap-Ease America’s competition is the producer of traditional, spring-loaded trap as its
price is cheaper than Trap-Ease’s and it is the perfect substitute of the Trap-Ease.
6. The company is facing marketing myopia and its marketing strategy is too product-oriented but not customer-oriented. Martha cares about how to sell expected units of traps rather than caring about how to meet customer needs and create value for them. I would change the marketing strategy in the following way:
The Trap-Ease America’s
marketing strategy is based on product differentiation and widening the target. Primary consumer target is women, esp. housewives. Secondary Consumer target is docks and ship-owners.
Product Strategy. The Trap-Ease America will introduce new tool fighting against mice (for example, the spray which smell frightens mice off so that they wouldn’t like to “enter” the house) or improve the Trap-Ease. (For example, the plastic tube can be blacked out (toned) so that a mouse inside the trap is not seen as women are afraid of mice and would prefer not to see them at all).
Distribution Strategy. The Trap-Ease will be distributed in national grocery, hardware, drug chains,
and supermarkets as well. Orders will be delivered strictly on time.
Control. The Trap-Ease America will strictly monitor customer service satisfaction and control the time of delivering the orders to retailers, especially to docks. The company will also control that
sample mousetraps are used by retailers to demonstrate them to consumers.

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