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Transportation Unit Lesson Plan Essay

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National University

In partial fulfillment for the requirements for TED 635

William Pine

May 3, 2012


This unit plan incorporates educational standards from the history/social science, physical education, and visual and performing arts content areas. The lesson surrounds a theme on transportation in which Kindergarten students will learn about the different forms of transportation in the present and in the past. The plan spans over a week and involves the children’s imaginations, physical abilities, community awareness, and requires them to work and share with their peers in order ...view middle of the document...

|The class has been talking about different vehicles |
| | |and identifying their names over the past week. They |
| | |can use this info to participate in a discussion |
| | |about travel. Ask students to think of transportation|
| | |without wheels. History of flight and the car and |
| | |what life was like before its invention. Game guess |
| | |what the picture is. Show half of a picture on an |
| | |overhead projector and have students guess the |
| | |historical forms of transportation (i.e. boat, |
| | |horse…) |
|Visual and Performing Arts |2.1 Perform imitative movements, rhythmical |After discussing historical forms of transportation. |
| |activities, and theatre games |Students will imagine themselves back in time |
| | |traveling from one place to another. Using yard |
| | |sticks, a gym mat, and the structures on the outdoor |
| | |play area will work in groups to develop a 2 minute |
| | |skit about where they are going and what they are |
| | |traveling on. Students must use imitative movement to|
| | |portray the motion of the vehicle. Each group will |
| | |perform for the class and the class will have to |
| | |guess what form of transportation the performing |
| | |group is using. |
| | ...

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