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Transportation And Logistics Chain Essay

2897 words - 12 pages

Running head: Transportation and Logistic Chain

Ahmed Lajili Ali

UB.ID# 0860828

University of Bridgeport

Mechanical Engineering Master of science

Principle of Logistic

((MEEG 574))

Pr. David Burnell


Purpose: to introduce the issue of the transportation and logistics chains.

Finding: outlines how the individual papers affect debate on the nature and development of transportation in the supply chain.

Originality: provides a summary of the perspectives studied within the transportation in the supply chain.

1. Introduction

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Shortly it will be executing an advanced route optimization solution to reduce the miles driven, and fuel used and thus reduce the carrier’s environmental impact. (Rosenau Transport Gains Real-Time, 2009)

According to, Sreenivas and Srinivas, due to the trend of nationalization and globalization in recent decades, logistics has advanced greatly since the 1950s and is still growing in various areas. Logistics has improved industries by optimizing production and distribution processes based on new management techniques that enhance efficiency and capacity competitiveness of enterprises (Sreenivas & Srinivas).

All companies seeking to expand their businesses to contribute in advancing the growth of sales as well as improve the methods to include all customers in various geographical regions, both by the high population growth or moderate. However, globalization has changed everything so that the companies paid to spend more money on transportation to reduce the time to ensure the delivery of products to the consumer of course, besides compliance with new government regulations. A factor that has made these companies to improve performance is the technology information, transportation, and logistics solutions. They have contributed to the mobilization of the stock of companies to enable them to obtain goods shortly as well as the right of access to customers; also, the right place at the right time along with it is likely that you will get a sale and delivery while reducing costs and enhance its services to avoid delays and fines. All companies operating in this area and for global programs with logistics, which includes transport and logistics functions only on the implementation of orders from inception to delivery of this position to gain visibility at home and abroad for the supply chain as well as lower costs and improve customer service. That all these components to ensure the quality of the application must examine the following possibilities: Transportation planning, transportation procurement, route planning, transportation management, small parcel shipping, and international trade logistics (infor).

The important point in a logistic chain is the transportation that connects the separated activities. Transportation is jointing between stages in the supply chain. In other words, it is the way to move product from manufacturing to the final consumers and vice versa.

This research focused on:

• Development of logistic

• The role of transportation in supply chain

• Modes of transportation

• Transportation infrastructure and policies

• Discussions and conclusions

2. Development of logistic Definition

“Part of the supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in...

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