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Translation Shift Essay

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The Translation Shifts
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Translation shift refers to the changes that occur during the process of translating from one language to another. These shifts occur at all level whether the lower level of language or the higher thematic level of text. According to Catford (1978:73) he says translation shift is the change from the formal correspondence to the target text. He has divided translation shifts into two categories and that is rank and category translations shift. Rank translation shift is where there is a change from grammar to lexis whereas category is the change from formal correspondence.
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The translation has to be made in such a way that while in English the subject comes first, one has to have it in mind that in Arabic to translate the same meaning without altering anything the subject has to come second.
Parts of speech is the other part which also has to be considered and looked into carefully while doing a translation activity. An example is a verb in English can easily be translated into a noun in Arabic without changing the meaning of a sentence. While in English there are many parts of speech, one has to note that Arabic only has three parts of speech which are verbs, nouns and particles. At times it is possible to translate an adjective in English (when used in a predictive manner) into a verb in Arabic. Alternatively an adjective in English can be translated into a noun in Arabic without changing the meaning of the sentence.
The other translation shift which translators could use to make their translation look more original is the word choice. Translators need to be very careful on the kind of words they choose to make a translation. the two languages, English and Arabic, have a lot of synonymous words which could be used in place of other words and so this makes the choosing of words bit easier when translating. It is possible to use different words which have the same meaning from English to Arabic without changing the meaning of the sentence .The choice of words when done accordingly a translation gets some kind of originality
The other form of translation shift comes as a result of the tense used by the translator. English and Arabic are so different from each other in terms of tense and so translators must take this into consideration with great keenness .While in Arabic there are only three tenses, in English there are a lot more tenses...

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