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Translating Strategy Into Hr Policies & Practices: The Hotel Paris Case

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Cara Baisden
Week 6 Assignment: Application Case
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Gregory Gryzcan

1. I believe that this interview was purposely constructed to throw Maria off, to see if she could handle stressful situations. I do think that jobs of this type can be very stressful so I believe that the interview strategy is not a well thought out interviewing strategy on ...view middle of the document...

Some people can handle stress on a normal basis but a job interview is not a normal stressful situation, because of the economy and the need for a job, some people just do not handle the type of stress a job interview can give. They become nervous and lose confidence due to the stress.
2. I’m not for sure if I would take the job. I would talk to the Human Resource Manager and clarify the job offer. I would ask about the questioning during the interview to see if it was to check for the ability to handle stressful situations, then I would make my decision if it was good fit.
3. I would ask much travel is required, because It may travel more than what I am willing to travel. I would ask exactly what it is that I need to obtain for the worldwide traveling. So that I assure that I know exactly what I would need and make sure I get everything, to assure I have all I need and that I am completely ready for the job and understand the job requirements completely, assuring that I fully understand and will make no mistakes for misunderstandings.

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