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Transitioning From Management To Executive Essay

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MM: 350 Internet
Assignment 3
Transitioning From Management to Executive

“How Managers Become Leaders” is an article presented in the Harvard Business Review by Michael D. Watkins that explores the transition from a manager to an executive. The article highlights the journey of professional, referred to as Harald, from an assistant product manager of a European chemical company to the leader of an entire plastic resins unit. Through interviews with more than 40 executives, Watkins (2012) has developed the seven seismic shifts of perspective and responsibility; specialist to generalist, analysts to integrator, tactician to strategist, bricklayer to architect, problem solver to agenda ...view middle of the document...

The fourth shift, bricklayer to architect, shows Harald nearly failing to consider the ways business decisions are related and the vast repercussions of ignoring this. At the executive level, leaders “…must understand how the key element of the organization fit together and not naively believe, as Harald once did, that they can alter one element without thinking through the implication for all the others.” (Watkins, 2012, p 69) Fifth is problem solver to agenda setter. According to Watkins, (2012) enterprise leaders must shift from solving problems to delegating which problems to tackle. The sixth shift, warrior to diplomat, displays the transition from Harald motivating his subordinates to preform superbly to serving as a diplomat for the company he represented. Issues such as dealing with government officials and important investors manifested and Harald looked to his staff for guidance. Finally, supporting cast member to lead role refers to the heightened degree of responsibility executives have as role models. Harald found himself amazed at the degree of influence his actions and behaviors had upon his employees.
In my opinion, the seven seismic shifts of perspective and responsibility seem relevant to a person fortunate enough to make a journey such as Harald’s. However, I do...

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