Transitional Crimes Essay

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Analysis of Transitional and International Crimes
Comparative Criminal Justice 330
Professor Marcella Wilhoite
Strayer University
Jacqueline R. Suarez
October 14, 2013

United States has accused three countries of continuing to abet human trafficking. Russia, China, and Uzbekistan have been trafficking humans and forcing labor. President Obama stated that he would impose sanctions, all while trying to maintain relations with each country on strategic issues. All three countries have a combined estimate of 27 million victims. These countries are also responsible for forced labor, child labor and prostitution and even chattel slavery. Chattel slavery is where people are treated ...view middle of the document...

Sahib was working at World Vision as an activist. She was also a social mobiliser in the community. She was also a health worker and had completed a nursing course. Sahib married her cousin without the will of either husband or wife. In Pakistan the marriages are pre-arranged. It wasn’t even a month and the marriage was already in crisis. Sahib would on occasion go to her mother’s house when things got out of control. As time had passed Sahib’s parents had both passed away. She returned to her husband’s house. Mohammed Ali made Sahib think that everything was okay. He made her believe that he had changed his ways. He took her to a water channel and Mohammed and two of his friends took out a pistol and started firing at her. She was killed instantly. Mohammed was arrested shortly thereafter. Initially he confessed to having murdered his wife. However, the following day he recanted his confession and claimed that he had killed her in an honor killing due to Sahib allegedly having an illicit relationship with another man. The feudal leaders of Ghotki are supporting Mohammed and portraying the case as that of karo kari. Karo Kari is defined as, (Geller, 2013) “A form of gender-based...

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