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Transition To Retirement Essay

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In our early adult lives, a lot of us gets used to the routine of getting up in the morning, work till the evening, and come home for many years, but if we are lucky enough to reach the good age of 65, we get to retire, and that will change our roles and lives from here on end. During this time since we have no more jobs to worry, we have different roles in our social groups. In many TV shows it is common to see a grandma and grandpa, being put in a nursing home or living under the same roof as their kids and grandkids. Life at this stage is not all fun and relaxation; we have more health problems ...view middle of the document...

Once someone is settled in their new routine of retirement and relaxation they will have plenty to do through their remaining days, they will have new roles around their peers like babysitting the children, and will live the rest of their lives happy like any other person young or old.
During this age we are weaker and prone to many complications, so question is do I continue to live on my own house or search for a new option? Most of us should have children and most of those children has children of their own, and many sees the idea of grandparent living with them a grand idea, because you have the peace of mind knowing your parents are ok, safe, and have someone to look after the children to make sure they are safe. Another option is to go live in a nursing home or retirement home, which is fully stuffed with qualified personal to look after the old folks, but some just simply want to live in the homes they own, they don’t want to give up their independence. If money is not an issue they have all 3 options to choose from. Staying in a nursing home or the home of their child is a great idea, because you won’t be bored, and you will always have fun activities to do. In my opinion I say would say staying at your kids house or your own is a great idea, unless your health is in sharp decline and need 24hr supervision.
When we are in our young adult lives, we were the masters in health, we could shrug of injuries and sickness like it was nothing, our strength, vision ,and mental abilities are at its peak top performances, but nothing ever last, and when we go to our later adult lives we experience many declines in health. One of the first things to go is our vision and strength, and soon we would require the use of glasses and cannot lift as much as we use to without getting injured. When our brains get old our mental reflexes are slowing down and for some they completely forget things and develop Alzheimer’s, which makes it hard for an individual to remember faces, names, and locations. Heart attack, strokes...

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