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Transition To College Essay

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Transition to College
Being nervous about the first day of college was definitely how I felt before starting. I knew that I was walking onto a campus more than four times the size as my high school and I was scared about getting lost. Luckily on the first day I was able to locate all of my classes because I had my little map out but that first week I made it late to one or two classes because I could not find how to get to a certain building that was off campus. Having a class that was actually off campus was something I did not realize could be possible but fortunately enough it is. As a commuter I could say that the college life is a lot more fun in high school because in a way you have ...view middle of the document...

I say this because you get to choose your classes just like you do in high school but the big difference is that you not only get to choose your classes but your professors and the time you want to take the class as well. Being able to choose the times of the classes you want to take is of a big advantage because it is almost like the university is working around your schedule so that your experience is as comfortable as possible. Also in high school you were really only able to choose the classes you wanted to take as a junior and senior but you get this choice as a freshman in college which is very unique in my opinion. When making my schedule I make sure that I do not have classes on Friday because for me it is so much more convenient to go to school four days a week instead of five. That way I have a longer weekend and more time to do my homework and to go out and have fun. That is something that I definitely did not have a say about in high school. I had to go to class five days a week because that is just how high school works since you do not have that much of a say in your schedule.
There are a wide number of activities and clubs to join on campus in college. In high school there were probably a couple dozen that one was able to join but in college there are hundreds, from clubs and student jobs to Greek life and organizations. All of these activities give an opportunity to be more involved on campus and to meet more people which is exactly what I am still in the process of doing. This semester I have not joined many clubs and activities because I wanted to get a feel for the transition to college but I can say that I am ready to join next semester or next year. Joining a fraternity is something that I have greatly considered and am thinking about doing...

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