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Transforming Nursing Profession Essay

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Transforming the Nursing Profession
The transformation of the nursing profession is dependent upon formal education, evidence based nursing practice, and providing strong leadership roles at all levels of the health care system. The nursing education encourages lifelong learning that includes seamless academic progression (Robert Wood Foundation, 2010). The nursing practice incorporates both standards of practice and professional accountability. Strong leadership focuses on safety and quality of care to realize the vision of transformed health care. (Robert Wood Foundation, 2010). All of these are equally important to produce a highly qualified nursing workforce that provides value based ...view middle of the document...

(Robert Wood Foundation, 2010)
The delicate balance of supply and demand of highly educated nurses can also be influenced by encouraging associate degree nurses to pursue a Baccalaureate degree. Hospital and unit orientation should focus on competency, communication, and collaborative skills. This education must be provided by a qualified educator who maintains their clinical competencies and professional certifications. The government, community, and healthcare organizations can play a vital role in meeting future demands for highly qualified nurses by awarding scholarships, loan forgiveness and tuition reimbursement. All these collective national responses will create a safe and caring work environment for the community we serve. (Robert Wood Foundation, 2010)
Transforming nursing practice – The Impact of the IOM report on Nursing Practices
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes quality care more accessible regardless of race, religion and socioeconomic class. Significant changes in the health care system and nursing practice are result of aging population, health care cost containment, advance in technology, complex patient’s needs, reduced length of stay in hospital and transition from acute care to community based care (Creasia & Freiberg, 2011). This brings new opportunities for nurses, like affordable and patient centered care along with challenges like providing care to culturally diverse patient population with focus on prevention, wellness, and transitional care. The transformation of the nursing practice takes place with a change in the health care system that focuses on patient centered care and allows nurses to utilize their knowledge, training, and competencies to their full extent (Robert Wood Foundation, 2010).
As a nurse we can transform the nursing practice to improve communication between a patient and all health caregivers using technology like wireless devices. Medication error is reduced by electronic medical records (EMAR) and privacy is maintained by electronic health records (EHR) (Richardson. B, 2012) To provide a safe working environment for patients and nurses, one must utilize lift equipment to prevent injury, turn assist equipment for skin protection, and bed alarms to prevent falls. In case of a patient’s declining condition, activate rapid response team (RRT) earlier to prevent a code situation. Nurses also play vital roles in transitional care to maintain continuity and promote health. The renewed focus on individualized patient education leads to an informed patient and decrease of readmission rates. All of these efforts by nurses will reduce the length of stay, improve safety, and increases patient satisfaction.
The expansion of the nation’s primary care by ACA and greater access to specialty care opens up new opportunities for nurses to play leading roles in the health care system. During current shortages of health care providers, nurse practitioners are growing rapidly to provide high quality...

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