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Transformation Of Nursing Nursing Essay

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The Transformation of Nursing

This world we live in is forever changing, everything for modern technology to healthcare. In wanting to improving health outcome and ensure that all has access to affordable healthcare the United States has transformed the healthcare system ("IOM REPORT," 2011). This transformation will impact one of the largest sectors of the healthcare workforce which are nurses. According to the IOM, the Future of Nursing report released on October 5th, 2010 its designed to “…ensure that nurses an practice to the full extent of their education and training, improve nursing education, provide opportunities for nursing to assume leadership positions and to serve as full ...view middle of the document...

As the world around us continue to advance so should nurses. The complex care that is being provided in hospitals across America, nurses are caring for patients that has multiple co morbidities, patients with complex medical history and a doctor for each system failure. Educational programs that focus on critical thinking skills and making sound decisions based on evidence base-practice is essential for developing well knowledgeable nurse and allow them to perform in the full extent of the practice ("IOM REPORT," 2011). According to the IOM Report “The National Council on Nurse Education and Practice, which advises Congress and the Secretary of Health and Human Service on area relevant to nursing, called for the development of policy actions that would ensure a minimum of 66 percent of RNs who work as nurses would have a BSN or higher degree by 2010” ("IOM REPORT," 2011, p. 171). This policy resulted in numerous of diploma educated RNs and ADN RNs to throw on their back packs and returned to school to receive a BSN degree or higher degree.
The changes that were brought about by the Affordable Care Act are challenging nurses to practice their skills to the full extent of their knowledge and education ("IOM REPORT," 2011). Every patient deserves care that is individualize and designed to meet their specific needs. In order to achieve the goal a transformation in the health care system is required. In doing so the way nurses think and analyze problems needs to transformed, updating old policies, procedures and even certain regulations to the nursing scope of practice. Nurses caring for patients in hospital settings and more acute care settings are utilizing the most advance equipment that modern technology can provide. The extent and expectations of the nurse’s responsibility includes but are not limited to organizing and coordinating care among a multitude of physicians and diagnostic procedures. With the length of hospitals stay shortening, nurses manage a variety of...

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