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Transformation Of Life Essay

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The Transformation of Life
Throughout the years, Joseph Campbell’s Journey of the Hero has been used as a basic pattern of structure in many literary and motion picture works. Not only does it apply to the lives of ancient Greek heroes, it is also evident in many stories and movies in current popular culture. The Departure, Initiation, and Return stages of the journey cover a period of growth and passage, in which the hero accomplishes a great achievement and gains a new level of awareness and experience. The 1994 animation, The Lion King, demonstrates the use of the traditional journey of the hero in the modern world, as Simba takes on the responsibility to save his kingdom, defeats Scar, ...view middle of the document...

As Simba enters the barren wasteland of his home, he faces hardships and challenges along the way, but eventually dies to his old self and achieves his ultimate goal. Simba comes face to face with his uncle, Scar, whom he challenges to take over by telling him to “either step down or fight” (Allers, Minkoff, The Lion King). On his road of trials, Scar and the hyenas stand as obstacles for him, testing whether he can serve as a true leader to his kingdom. In order for Simba to prove himself and save his homeland, he must first overcome the challenge and defeat his enemies. During these physical tests, Simba simultaneously undergoes a transformation within himself, allowing him to let go of his old self and become the leader he is meant to be. Simba confronts Scar about his father, and he realizes he “can either run from [his past] or learn from it” (Allers, Minkoff, The Lion King). He no longer feels the need to hold onto the burden of his father’s death. Simba apotheosizes, becoming one with himself to fight for the right of his throne. By overcoming his challenges and letting his old self go, he soon takes his rightful spot as king and transforms the Pride Lands back to its flourishing state.
With his new, matured self, Simba uses the knowledge he obtained to rebuild Pride Rock and allows himself to have a fresh start as the acknowledged king. After reclaiming the throne, Simba takes charge in restoring the Pride Lands, allowing the “circle of life” (Allers, Minkoff, The Lion King) to continue. Simba “retains the wisdom gained” (Landis) from his journey and carries the responsibility to protect his...

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