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Traits Of Successful Business Leaders Essay

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There are many traits that can make one successful in any aspect of life. There are certain traits that make one a leader. If combined in the right manner, these traits can result in a successful leader in any field. When combined with a further knowledge of business, the combination of these traits would most likely result in a very successful business leader. Hardworking, networking, efficiency, and charisma are just some of the few common traits of successful business leaders.
Success can be defined as achieving wealth, respect, or fame. Certain people will go to extraordinary lengths to be successful. In terms of business, this means finishing work on time, and remain consistent is common among successful people in any field. (Kirkpatrick, 1991, p. 49).
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,2012, p. 4).
Hiring the right person for any job or spot in any given group is very important for a leader. The right recruiting and the right vision for the company, in terms of choosing future employees, can make or break a company. In the world of sports business, choosing players for the team is critical to any team's success. Deciding between pure skill or great work ethic can make a huge impact for a team, positively or negatively. Decisions such as the previously stated one, can make the difference between a victory or a loss (Kaplan et al., 2012, p. 4).
In terms of performing as a leader in any field, developing your subordinates is an extremely important part. If someone is supposed to be leading his employees or his team or leading in any situation, they should be teaching and developing their group. The leader can develop his group by using specific advice or in a less focused manner of leading by example. If any employee does not grow or expand his knowledge or performance, but they also remain employed at the same position for a while, then that stems from poor leadership. This can be one of two situations: the leader was not motivating the employee or the leader was not able to realize that they should've removed the underperforming employee. Either way, it is bad since the leader is failing to take care of business (Kaplan et al., 2012, p. 4).
Leaders should be able to weed out any underperforming employees. This can be done by demoting employees, redeploying employees, or firing the employees. A really effective leader would be able to perform any of those tasks, with the exception of firing, and keep that specific employee's morale at a high level. This would be easier for an overconfident leader(Kaplan et al., 2012, p. 4).

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