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Traits Of A Godd And Effective Manager

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When we hear the word manager a person would automatically say “my boss” but the role of manager is much more than being a person in charge. Managers have been around since the Industrialization Revolution because of the employees that were needed in the factories. One of the first well known managers was in 1842; his name was “Daniel C. McCallum, Superintendent of the Erie line for the New York and Erie Railroad Company” (Makkamson, 2000, para. 7). The way Mr. McCallum managed is completely different than a typical manager nowadays. Since the revolution period the responsibilities of a manager increased instead of overseeing twenty workers in a factory and disciplining them anyway they saw ...view middle of the document...

An effective manager needs to have good leadership skills in order to run superior business. I am not saying that you cannot be a good manager if you do not have them but it is a good thing to have. People need a leader to motivate them, inspire, and direct them; this is a wonderful definition of a manager (Jones and George, 2011). Some people have great leadership qualities and there are others that have to learn them. Managers should lead their team by example sometimes it is not about delegating tasks it is about rolling up your sleeves and helping. When your team has done a good job tell them that. Employees hate worrying if they did something right or wrong; a quick “Nice job” will help with that.
Leadership skills go hand in hand with one of the four functions of management such as leading it is necessary to have if you are going to lead anyone. A leader should have these skills and passion about their work in order to lead the organization. When you are able to lead your team you are motivating them to work towards a common goal. The leading role that the manager has is to discuss the goal, ways to meet that goal, enable employees so that everyone knows what their job is (Jones and George, 2011). Once everyone is on the same path then you have a strong and effective team that will be able to make profit for the organization. Always remember that a good leader not only makes decisions but can admit when they are wrong. Leading is not always about being right it takes a great leader to admit a mistake and face the consequences.
Employees and customers want a manager that has integrity and honesty because a business is a relationship also. You do not want to lie in a personal relationship so why should you at work? Employees and customers do not want to do business with someone that lies or hurts others in the process. These are two skills that everyone should have regardless of their role in the organization. If your hire a contractor to build a house for you and the foundation is weak what do you think is going to happen to your home? The same principle applies with running a business. If your business is built on poor ethics and lies, eventually it all will crumple. Employees will leave, customers will not recommend your services to their friends, and it will be difficult to keep your existing clients.
Integrity and honesty ties into each management function because it will be extremely difficult to generate business without it. When you are planning goals or business proposals you always want to be honest and provide the best level of service at a reasonable price. If you lie or cheat a customer it could cost you and the organization. When you are organizing your teams you want everyone to have integrity and honesty too; no one likes to work with someone that is deceitful. Honesty is a necessity when you are leading your employees because you want to lead by example. If you are honest then your employees will be too. Control is...

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