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The article discusses the issues that the majority of high school coaches have to deal with on a regular basis – how to train a multi-sport athlete? Many high school athletes participate in more than one sport, with some participating all three seasons, leaving coaches with the dilemma for how to incorporate strength and conditioning program for the athlete.
One of the first issues the author discusses is the need for coaches to cooperate with one another. Every coach thinks that their particular sport is the most important, but they need to develop an overall strength and conditioning program that enhances the overall athlete ability of all athletes. It is also important not only for ...view middle of the document...

They must also decide how many days a week two days versus three and what type of exercises will make up the training program.
Summer strength training is also discussed. The author notes that this is probably when most athletes can make the most gains. In many cases this is the only time the athlete can focus strictly on strength training. A good summer program should set a good base for the athlete that carries them through the following school year.
The strength gains made during the summer should try and be maintained throughout each season during the school year. Keeping those gains requires at least a two day a week strength program; along with exercises that stress multi-joint movements/core lifts (power clean, snatch, bench press, squat, push press, etc…).


As a coach you have to look at the overall end state for the athlete and your school’s athletic program. When I design a strength and conditioning program for my wrestlers, I not only want to improve them as wrestlers but also as overall athletes (this really helps the all the multi-sport athlete’s, but in particular the football players). This requires that ALL coaches have the same philosophy, for overall athletic program development.
When does a coach schedule strength training sessions? There are many factors that go into deciding; when is the optimal time for strength training? Before school is a really popular choice. The athletes can concentrate on strength training, and they are fresh. Drawbacks are waking up early, working out, and still have to go through the regular school day and practice. Another popular choice is right after practice. Coaches can dedicate an hour after practice for strength training. Lifting after practice might not allow for the athlete to get much out of the strength session because of energy exerted during practice. An athlete might just be too tired to get anything positive out of a training session after practice. An alternative to both of these times, are many schools are starting to offer strength training as an elective for Physical...

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