Training Needs Assesment Essay

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XXXXX America: North Las Vegas

Training Needs Assessment

HR421 – Employee Training and Development


By: Steve Flatt

XXXXX America: North Las Vegas
Training Needs Assessment

XXXXXX America is the sub-corporate division of XXXXX International, a global corporation associated with the design, manufacture and development of electronic, defense, industrial and Medical products. Within the corporate structure of XXXXXXXXXXXX America, their newest site, known as a green site sue to its non-supported and total adaptation of the facility, is the North Las Vegas Site. This factory has been in operation since January of 2011 and is the single manufacturing ...view middle of the document...

The concepts are contrasting in nature in which traditional NPI manufacturing calls for mass hiring and reductions as the process id defined. LEAN focuses on minimizing headcount and addressing problems and errors by stopping production until the process is corrected.

The good news is that the plant manager understand LEAN and has hires the Business Excellence Manager to lead the charge in training and molding the core team in LEANs concepts as we proceed with NPI. The processes used to collect data will be Interviews, questionnaires, observation and focus groups. Although XXXXXXXX America is an established company, the NLV site is in its infancy and given their focus on NPI, training needs should focus on Internal Growth Strategy centralizing the core of the training on product development and innovation, in an effort to develop the LEAN mentality.

Organizational Analysis
The XXXXX Mission statement reads: “our mission is to advance our customers success in a global market by providing world-class design, manufacturing and logistics services through operational excellence, technology leadership, and a passion for customer satisfaction”. With that, as mentioned the NLV is a new and stand-alone site, but with a big burden of an established corporations reputation on its shoulders. That said, their focus is to align themselves with the corporate mantra and develop the best possible product possible.
Determining an understanding of LEAN was required and a general questionnaire was designed with the most basic concepts of LEAN listed as the basis for questions (See the XXXXXX Training Needs Assessment Questionnaire).

After a review of the responses collected it was determined that there was very limited knowledge of LEAN and the need for training was not only required, but critical for the projected business plan as set forth by the Plant Manager. Based on the results of this needs assessment, it is paramount that the management team commit to the proposed training in order to attain the desired results of compliance with company expectations and ensure their NPI actions are successful. Recommendations in this document must be met with the full support of all leadership, supervisors and employees alike to ensure the success of the LEAN introduction into the manufacturing process..

The results of the questionnaire were such that although senior managers had taken the basic LEAN training courses, it was several years old and in majority of the interviews it was admittedly a forgotten process. Given this information, the Plant Manager decided as a first step all management would retake all training to ensure continuity and follow the recommendations of the focus group mentioned in the Person Analysis below..

As a foundation for success, the Six Sigma concept of manufacturing is to be the foundation and ultimate goal of this training. These concepts are:

* Strive toward quality...

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