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Training Keys Area Essay

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Training Key Areas

Training Key Areas
The effectiveness of employee’s performance is measured by their productivity, happiness, and talent and reflects the prosperity of the overall organization. The responsibility of corporate level positions is a vital value for larger businesses and it is an important attribute for high level contributions from each employee. Being an active member in society and aiding with community projects that encourage diversity within the organization can help to maintain a healthy relationship between the company and the surrounding society (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). When a business instills a healthy working environment for their ...view middle of the document...

A business that is considered to be a limited liability company, corporation, or sole proprietorship it is beneficial for that organization to have a team or legal council to strengthen their stability for continuous success.
Having a legal advisor or a team of legal advisors will ensure accurate representation of the organization because the advisors will know the objectives and goals of the business. These advisors can also promote awareness within the organization for future or immediate infractions that may harm the business and affect their reputation. In addition, the advisor can educate the business owners of the current laws and conditions that are enforce from a different location to ensure compliance of those laws.
Employee Growth
Organizations that implement a comprehensive strategic training plan promote the growth of their employees. Employees should be encouraged to pursue advanced education and training such as career development and counseling services that will aid in future promotions and enhance their ability for career advancement. A successful business with actively involved managers will mentor their hourly employees to achieve salary positions within the company that will create a motivating atmosphere that will encourage employee development to achieve the organizational goals.
An actively involved management team will provide insight to organizational goals, coach employees with potential, and mentor employees with the adequate training required to develop a productive workforce member (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). By guiding the growth of employees, organizations will increase individual’s self-esteem, reduce work related stress, and reduce repetitive turn-over from employees that leave the company. Organizations that implement this type of working environment and training develop long-standing relationships with their employees that in turn give the business continuity and stabilization in addition to service awards and recognition programs.
Diversity Training
The implementation of diversity training is essential to any organization and it stretches far beyond gender, race, culture, and ethics within the workplace. The training should employ personnel with the skill set to recruit new employees and sustain a diversified working environment. To incorporate a diversified working environment, the leadership and...

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