Training Creative Writing Essay

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In-Hospital Basic Training Opportunities
Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Canine and Feline


Major parts of an endoscope
Insertion tube
Bending section
Distal tip
Image guide objective lens
Insufflation channel
Accessory channel
Irrigation channel
Light guide objective lenses
Suction valve
Air/water valve
Accessory channel opening
Up/down deflection knob
Up/down deflection lock
Left/right deflection knob
Left/right deflection lock
Eyepiece with ocular lens
Diopter adjustment ring
Umbilical cord
Light guide ...view middle of the document...

Irrigation: Fill the irrigation bottle 2/3 full with de-ionized or distilled water
The use of de-ionized or distilled water will reduce the incidence of mineral deposits clogging the irrigation channel
Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
A pressure check is done immediately after use to ensure that no leaks have developed.
If a leak has occurred, DO NOT CLEAN THE ENDOSCOPE.
Call Karl Stroz immediately.
Avoid applying cleaning solutions to ocular lens and to diopter adjustment ring
Next, organic material should be mechanically removed from all surfaces of the endoscope and other surfaces.
All external surfaces should be wiped down with gauzes soaked in cleaning solution
Remove suction valve and replace with cap.
Cleaning solution is suctioned through the accessory channel to remove debris and soften any adherent debris.
Cleaning brushes should then be passed through all channels several times to remove adherent debris before it has the opportunity to dry.
Passing the cleaning brush through the channel rapidly may cause damage
A back-and-forth scrubbing motion within the channel may cause damage
The balance of the cleaning solution is then suctioned through the accessory channel
A final rinse of de-ionized or distilled water is suctioned through the channel.
All external surfaces are rinsed or wiped with de-ionized or distilled water.
A final wiping down is done with 70% isopropyl alcohol-soaked gauze.
Drying the endoscope
Empty the irrigation bottle, and reattach
Place cleaning cap on air/water valve
Turn on air pump. This will expel the residual water from the irrigation channel.
Then turn-on suction pump to air-dry the accessory channel
Wipe down all external surfaces with clean, dry gauze.
The air pump and suction should be left on 10 minutes before hanging scope for storage (longer if endoscope is stored in the case).
The instruments should be rinsed well with warm water to remove debris.
Place them next in an ultrasonic cleaner with cleaning solution
Rinse the instruments with water
Apply instrument milk, hang, and allow drying.
Cold sterilization or ethylene oxide sterilization may be used.
Autoclaving may be used if all parts are autoclave-safe
A commercially available enzymatic cleaning solution designed for endoscopes and accessories is highly recommended
Detergezyme (item # MX4500)
Available through
Med-Vet International
(847) 680-3050
Does Karl Storz recommend the use of other solutions, such as dilute betadine, Nolvasan®, dish soap, or Cidex?
All lens surfaces and light guide surfaces should be wiped with 70% alcohol to remove residual cleanser film that may compromise light and image transmission
First of all, do no harm
If too much air is insufflated,...

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