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Training And Employees Performance Essay

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The Effects of Training On Employee Performance A Case Study on 2 Small Organizations in Jordan
Aburamadan J. Al-Odat J.

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of employee training on employee performance in small organizations. The study seeks to focus on the employee training-performance relationship. Design/Methodology: A literature review on employee training and employee performance provides the basis for the research model and hypotheses. A self-completion questionnaire survey, involving 96 respondents from two small organizations was used to gather data. Findings: Findings indicate a positive relationship between training and employee ...view middle of the document...

This struggle has made it quite imperative for such organizations to have optimal performance from each of their employees, so as to achieve maximum benefits, and be able to attain organizational goals. To improve the performance of most employees, these organizations can partake in a process called "Employee Training & Development". This process can enhance the employees overall performance, for their and the organization's benefit. This research will try to prove that training does affect performance.

This research aims to achieve the following: 1- Prove that there is a positive relationship between Employee Training and Employee Performance. 2- Show whether the relationship is positive or negative. 3- Show if employees receive adequate training by their employers or not. 4- Show whether employers have enough knowledge about what training is and its benefits.

D- Theories Supporting the Hypothesis According to Noe [1], employee training has become a focused tool that is used to improve employees' performance, and enhance their job related skills and knowledge. Training is seen as one of the major solutions to improving the performance of employees in most organizations.

In this part of the research, we will display the operational definitions of the variables considered in our hypothesis, and also show what findings by previous research support the claim of the importance of employee training and its' effect on their performance.


A- Definition of Employee Training Training refers to a planned effort to facilitate the learning of jobrelated knowledge, skills, and behavior by employees. Garavan [2] defines training as “a planned and systematic effort to modify or develop knowledge, skills and attitudes through planned learning experiences, to achieve effective performance in an activity or a range of activities.” Tung [3] has defined training as a process consists of organized learning activities capable of improving individual performance through changes in knowledge, skills, or attitudes. Huang [4] gave the meaning of training as the process used a method for promoting the working capabilities for better human resources. Lee [5] describes training as “a process should emphasize the immediate needs of the enterprise; help the individual obtain professional knowledge according to the concept of ‘‘learn now and apply immediately”. All the above mentioned training definitions by different scholars helped the researcher in concluding that the main reason to improve the performance of the employees is planned learning which is refers to training. B- Definition of Employee Performance In other hand, there are many definitions of employee performance. We can define employee performance as “job related activities expected of a worker, and how well those activities are being executed”. Or it can be describe as an “Employee performance is basically related performance appraisal in terms of and...

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