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Training And Development Plan Essay

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At SMC Company, employee development is more than just training; it must become a way of life. We hire people who have no more than a high school diploma or GED. They are talented individuals, and we provide them with challenging opportunities. We need to develop a company-wide development and training program for all of the employees at SMC Company. The result will be an organization of talented, engaged and committed employees. In this paper we will develop a company-wide development and training program. The training program will address the training needs for the; existing employee's, newly hired employee's, and the supervisors and directors. The training development plan will cover the following five training issues; needs assessment, instructional design, development and implementation, evaluation, and reinforcement and sustainability. (Learning Design Inc. 2001)Existing EmployeesNeeds Assessment:With the existing employees we need to do a; needs assessment to determine the ...view middle of the document...

After the strategies are set in place all of the employees will be trained. (Learning Design Inc. 2001)Instructional Design:We will need to simplify all complex procedures and process, making them easy for all employees to understand. We will use work books, role plays, and learning activities as instructional aids for the existing employees. We will create leaders guides, exercises, simulations, visual aids, and job aids to assist with the training of the existing employees. (Learning Design Inc. 2001)Development and Implementation:Since all of the employees at SMC have been promoted due to their tenure with the company and all employees only have a high school education. We are going to hire a external company to assist in the training and implementation of this program. We will assist in the implementation of the training materials however; the external company will do the initial training. The supervisors will be the first group to be trained so that they may continue the refresher training for the existing as well as the newly hired employees. (Learning Design Inc. 2001)Evaluation:The evaluation process will consist of a two step process, both during and after the training. During the training process we will consider the participation and the enthusiasm of the employees I.E. are they taking part in the activities. Have the employees describe the main points of the training. After the training and development process watch the employees perform the tasks that were addressed in the training process. (Learning Design Inc. 2001)Reinforcement and sustainability:At SMC Company we will implement team leads for each department. The team leads will keep the team members motivated. The team's leads will be responsible for identifying conditions that might arise with the team, communicate problems to supervisors, and assist in refresher training for all employees. (McVinney, 2001)References:Learning Design Inc. 2001. Learning Designs. Improving Human Performance. Retrieved from the World Wide Web on October 8, 2005 at: & Company. 2001. Creating Sustainable Organizations. Teamwork Programs. Retrieved from the World Wide Web on October 8, 2005 at:

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