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1. There is a growing recognition that the transfer of training is an increasingly significant issue amongst organisation’s today. The circumstances of transfer include the overview of knowledge and skills developed in training to do with the job and the preservation of the learning on the job (Saks & Belcourt, 2006). There are also factors to do with training input that can effect training outcomes and transfer including training design, trainee characteristics and work environment factors (Saks & Belcourt, 2006).

Training design refers to the elements built into the training program to increase the chances that transfer of training will occur. Carlos designed a three-day ...view middle of the document...

Climate for transfer refers to trainees’ perceptions about the wide variety of characteristics of the work environment (Noe & Winkler, 2012 p. 183). In this case the supervisors do not encourage and set goals for the trainees to use new skills and behaviours acquired in training. The supervisors are also not implementing tasks that prompt them to use new communication skills taught in training. There is no feedback by supervisors supporting the application of the new skills and no openness to the new set of skills acquired by trainees. Without the supervisors support the less likely the transfer of training will be implemented as seen in the case study.

Managers and supervisors need to be actively involved in the design and delivery of training programs to understand and help implement the transfer of training within the organisation. The supervisors did not attend the training session so have not acquired the skills that other trainees have of listening and openly communicating ideas to one another. There also has been a barrier in which trainees have not had the opportunity to use learned capabilities within the organisation. Trainees who are given opportunities to use training content are more likely to maintain learned capabilities than trainees given few opportunities (Noe & Winkler, 2012 p. 188). Opportunity to perform is subjective both by work environment, employee motivation, and management assigning problem and tasks that requires their skills to be used (Noe & Winkler, 2012 p. 188).
The number one barrier to transfer of training is lack of managerial support and in this case the supervisors of the board. Without proper support of the managers and the workplace environment by which it operates the transfer of training is merely impossible.

2. In the model of the transfer process there are three factors that contribute to the transfer of training. These are trainee characteristics, training design, and the work environment. There are multiple factors to consider when designing a training program to ensure that the transfer of training is followed through. In the pre-training phase, Carlos could have encouraged everyone to attend the training program including the supervisors to ensure that everyone is actively participating throughout the school board. Carlos could have also used this opportunity in the pre-training phase to gain support and acceptance from management and employees by explaining the importance of the training program. Carlos should have made sure that the supervisors had done training needs assessment on individuals of the organisation to see whom should be attending the training session and who will benefit most (Saks & Belcourt 2006, p. 296). This will also establish trainee’s motivation and desire to use the knowledge and skills when they’ll be transferred into the working environment (Yamnill & McLean, 2001, p. 197). Carlos could have also ensured that the supervisors have met to...

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