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Men have stepped on the moon. Now they are going from one place to another within few hours. World fastest car is able to sprint 252mph, but the citizens of Dhaka (sometimes) cannot reach few miles to Gulistan from Mohakhali or any other place to our destination place within hours. You must go out from your house before two or three hours to reach destination which is only 20 or 30 minutes required. Who is responsible for this? Traffic jam is that magician. Traffic jam has become a great monster in our modern life. Traffic congestion is not only affecting our business but the education sector as well. Students cannot do other tasks such as photocopying or collecting notes before ...view middle of the document...

Citizens constantly complain about the intolerable problems of traffic jam.

Bangladesh is a populous country & Dhaka, as the capital of Bangladesh, has to accommodate a large share of this population. There are 18 Special Planning Zones (SPZ) in the Dhaka Metropolitan Area, where population has already crossed 11 million. Every year population is increase at the rate of 7 percent in Dhaka. Dhaka Metropolitan Area is expected to become one of the largest cities within the early next century. Everyday lots of people move to Dhaka for the purpose of earning money. Day by day the number is increasing and most part of Dhaka is badly affected by the population growth. Traffic jam has turned daily trips into nightmares to the people of Dhaka. The business community inevitably suffers for the constant waste of its most precious resource of time. Other commuters of being stuck in traffic jam for hours an end, while residents breathe in a lot more lead and almost 10 percent of its population seeks medical treatment each year for air pollution (Faulty vehicles, old vehicles, especially diesel run vehicles, and dust from roads contribute to air pollution) related respiratory illness. The number of automobiles has been increasing in Dhaka city at the rate of at least 10 percent annually, which has been contributing to air pollution on the one hand and traffic congestion on the other.
At rush hour, a distance of three to four kilometers can take about an hour to reach. Destinations like Gulisthan, Motijheel, Old Dhaka, Maghbazar, Malibagh, Gulshan, and Dhanmondi are nightmares for commuters from any point in the city. Especially frustrating are the points Hotel Sonargaon crossing, the road in front of the Prime Minister’s office, Maghbazar, Mouchak, Malibagh, Khilghaon, Rampura, Elephant Road, Science Laboratory, Green Road, Jatrabari, Sayedabad, Mohakhali and old parts of the city mainly at Dholaikhal, Postagola, Bangshal, and Chowkbazar. People miss important appointments; are late for work, children and old people fall sick, not to mention the painful site that most of us choose to ignore – a blaring ambulance stuck in the middle of a traffic jam trying desperately to find a way. The heat released from the engines, especially the private cars that use air conditioners, increase the overall temperature of the city. Continued exposure to pollution from the streets during traffic jams, will have grave consequences in the future health of these people. The economy, meanwhile, is losing out in millions because of traffic jams. Government officials’ estimate a loss of around tk15000 crore annually because of traffic jams.

Transport System of Dhaka
The transportation system of Dhaka is predominantly road based where non-motorized transport mainly rickshaw has a substantial share. Dhaka Metropolitan has heterogeneous traffic flows. Rickshaws are the dominating mode of public transport. Trips made by public transport especially buses are...

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