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One of the traditions in Islam starts with, “During the first seven years of a child's life, their wishes which are not harmful should be fulfilled as though they are masters”. (1) In other words, especially during the first seven years, the parents must be gentle, kind and forgiving if the child makes mistakes and loving unconditionally as he deserves. The poem by Dorothy Nolte makes a similar point. That is, give your child the best atmosphere to live and grow in because the young adult that he will become is based on these early years of his life. The child absorbs from his environment and this makes him who he is. I see this in my own children. Many times when I hear my daughter ...view middle of the document...

We may say something or gesture in a way, where in our mind we mean no harm, yet the child’s feelings are hurt. We can pick up on that and change things right away. Just this morning my daughter wanted to wear a skirt, not pants, and it had to be pink to match her pink shirt. Well, the pink skirt happened to be crumpled up in a bag that she had taken to her grandparents’ home. I tried to explain to her that it needed to be ironed. We were getting late for school and there was no time to iron. Due to her insistence on wearing it, I said something along the lines of “It does not look good, it’s all crumpled up!” I don’t think it was what I said, but perhaps how I said it, that she took very personally. Right away, I took control of the situation and said to her in a calm voice, “You always look pretty my princess, but that skirt does not look good on you right now.” That was all it took for her to understand that my previous sentence was about her skirt not looking good rather than her not looking good. “If we take the time to consider the impact of our words, we can say what we need to without diminishing the child’s sense of self.” (4)

At the end, she settled for a purple skirt to wear with her pink shirt and not the pants. Some parents might have insisted that their child must wear what has been decided by the parent, the pants. Giving the child some controlled choices shows him that we respect him and that we trust him to make good choices. “If our kids grow up knowing that we will listen to them and respectfully consider their ideas, they will be more willing to talk to us and work together to resolve problems.” (5) When we impose our choices on our children, not listen to them and let them grow up with criticism they do learn to...

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