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Trade Process Essay

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|The Trade Process |AGOA News |
| | |
|In order to take advantage of the potential benefits offered under the AGOA to qualifying Sub-Saharan African | |
|countries, potential exporters should be aware of the important steps that need to be taken to instigate and |Top of Form |
|successfully complete a transaction. ...view middle of the document...

|[pic]  South Africa: China Remains a Threat to |
|Trade between firms of different countries can convey substantial benefits both to the exporter and the |Textile Sector |
|importer. A trade transaction can provide the exporting entity with a vastly increased market, while affording|China was not the root cause of the problem facing|
|the importer access to new products and services at competitive prices. The African Growth and Opportunity Act|the clothing and textile industries as retailers |
|has substantially opened the U.S. market to goods produced in 38 of the 48 Sub-Saharan African countries by |would..... more |
|providing these with duty free and (with the exception of apparel) quota-free entry. |[pic] |
| | |
|The diagrams in this Section illustrate some of the important transactions and processes that are required to | |
|successfully conclude an international trade transaction |[pic]  Textiles: China Voluntarily Cuts Back |
| |Exports to South Africa |
| |South Africa's beleaguered clothing and textile |
| |industry was thrown a potential lifeline yesterday|
| |when..... more |
|A trade transaction can be initiated by a number of parties, but the most common scenario is that where it is |[pic] |
|initiated by the prospective exporter, the prospective importer, or an agent acting on either behalf. In some | |
|cases such a transaction may even be initiated by a third party, for example an independent sales agent | |
|specialising in international trade and logistics and working on a commission basis. |[pic]  Africa's Export Growth Highest Since 1980 |
| |Riding a wave of higher oil and commodity prices, |
|Where a prospective U.S. importer communicates an enquiry to a prospective exporter based in...

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