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Trade Essay

302 words - 2 pages

1. Analyse the validity of the objections to free trade and critically discuss the role of international organisations in regulating trade between countries. Does how the control of trade has impacted positively or negatively on a company of your choice.
2. To what extent should managers feel threatened by organisations that try to protect the rights of workers? Is it possible for the organisations to work with managers to the benefit of both businesses ...view middle of the document...

3. Critically analyse the role of the chief financial officer (CFO) in contributing to the strategy of a company. If you were in a CFO position at a company of your choice, how would you expand your responsibilities to be more strategic? You should show how the company could benefit from the expansion of the CFO’s role.
4. Critically analyse an example of a company that exhibits a U-form structure. Advise on the advantages and disadvantages of moving it to a matrix structure.
The basic format of the essay should be a theory, concept or approach which is critically analysed. Then a case study or practical example should be presented that not only illustrates how the theory can be applied, but also reveal further critical insights into the theory itself. The conclusion should demonstrate how the case study can lead to an improvement in the theory.
Students should make all efforts to avoid plagiarism by reading and reflecting on the information sources before committing their own thoughts to paper; there is never a reason to copy, although quotations may be occasionally appropriate. It is recommended that students should take note of the Turnitin similarity score when they submit. Correct Harvard style referencing should always be used.

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