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Tracking Social Control Essay

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I conducted my research at various locations that I visited while I was on a trip for my birthday. I observed things on my trip to Florida and when I arrived at my destination in Daytona Beach, FL. I looked at billboards along the highways and watched different things that I saw people do as I sat on the beach. I never noticed some things that people do until I just sat and observed. It was interesting to say the least. I realized that people do certain sexual gestures subconsciously and forget that maybe others are looking. I also conducted my research at home as I talked with my mother and grandmother about sex. We as a family have some very interesting conversations about sex because we ...view middle of the document...

However, they were doing something I can not stand to see in public. I wanted the couple to stop kissing and groping each other and go get a room. I could not believe that they would do this in front of everyone especially young kids. This was an informal practice because it happened on an individual level with that individual being myself. I have never enjoyed PDA (public display of affection) whether it is me and my boyfriend or watching strangers do it. I am just not an affectionate person but who am I to want others to be less affectionate. I wanted them to conform to the sexual norm that certain sexual behavior should stay behind closed doors and not be expressed in public. It’s not my place to tell others how to live their lives and they should not have to worry about people watching and wanting them to express their love for each other behind closed doors. I also witnessed an example of social control being displayed on billboards along Florida highways. I have never seen so many billboards speaking out against abortion. I was angry because I could not believe people would be so insensitive to others decision and I was sad because I once had an abortion and it made me feel as if I would be condemned for the decision I made. The billboards stated things such as “the moment you conceived me my heart begin to beat.” Seeing such things would discourage any woman from having an abortion and would make her feel bad if she did have an abortion once before. This practice was formal because this was an institution or group of people telling women that the appropriate thing to do is not have an abortion. The billboard directs that the norm is for woman to accept responsibility and have her child because it is the moral thing to do. Placing these billboards up can affect a woman that has had an abortion in various ways and people should consider these factors before they try to assert their beliefs upon others. Another social control I witnessed was one on a personal level. I never knew social control existed within my family until I did this research. My family and I talk about sex often and openly. My sister and I were not afraid to tell my mom that we both have made sex tapes with our boyfriends before. My sister...

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