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Trace How Carthage Became Almost The Equal Of Rome

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Trace how Carthage became almost the equal of Rome

In the light of the history of great Ancient empires, we should consider the rise of conflict between two prominent powers of the Ancient World. On the one side stood the powerful force of western Mediterranean lead by Carthage, while on the other one was the ruler of Italian Peninsula - the Rome. In following discussion, we are going to overview prerequisites of Carthage development as a rival of Rome. Next we need to compare strengths of both. Finally, we will trace down reasons behind Rome becoming a naval power in early stages of First Punic War (264 to 241 BC).

The Carthage City was established in 814 BCE ...view middle of the document...

As far as we know, the flow of resources was diverse and dense. Not to mention the Carthage itself was a leader as a trade point of western Mediterranean and superior enough to be treated as “commercial genius”. In the long run territories, political and economic factors listed above can be considered to be primary prerequisites to prove the Carthage as the one of the greatest Rome rivals.

To have a better analysis of Punic Wars events, we should compare the strength of both opposing sides. The Rome territory expansion was characterized by the incorporation of subjects on the basis of partial or full citizens rights, like intermarriage, the right to hold official positions and ownership of the state. In contrast, the Carthage subdue conquered lands under their dominion. Those different approaches led to the formation of loyal attitude toward Rome government while the Carthaginian body of loyalty has been much lesser (Morey, 2003). In the light of differences government in Rome was better organized in contrast of Carthaginian one. Though the latest has, its advantage in the fact of military command was placed in the hands of permanents leaders (Morey, 2003). Comparing military force we can found that Carthage hold more powerful navy while the Rome had a more significant army and skillful in hand to hand competence. In economic sense Carthage had much more wealth, where not the last role played brilliant leaders while the Rome could not compete in wealth still, it hold a dedicated body of citizens.

Soon after an outbreak of First Punic War the Carthage managed to conquer most of Italian coast regions with a help of powerful navy. According to Morey, the ships of Carthage were “quinqueremes, or ships with five banks of oars” and were exceptional in comparison to the simple “triremes, or ships with only three banks of oars” (2003). As the Rome has lost coast, they were not able to send out troops to the Sicilia. As a matter of fact, they have been forced to came up with a solution to compete navy of Carthage. Soon they managed to reconstruct Carthaginian vessels, on the...

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