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Tqm Proposal Essay

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The proposed title for this research study is The Impact of Total Quality Management (TQM) to achieve competitive advantage in the Hospitality Sector. The research will give a background of information and literature review on TQM practices and how it enhances customer satisfaction by offering effective customer service. It will present various methodologies and approaches that will be used to achieve the research objectives. Total quality management has been evolving in the hospitality business since quality assurance was introduced in the 1980s (Breiter et al 1995)
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Organizations should maintain a TQM culture to attain excellence and exceed customer’s expectations. In recent times the hospitality industry has become one of the most important sources of high income earners due to it’s a labor intensive nature. Though there has been continued acceptance of TQM strategies in the hospitality industry some hotels are still struggling to reach an understanding of what is meant by total quality management.
2.1 Problem statement
This study seeks to address the impact of TQM practices implementation in the hospitality industry to achieve competitive advantage. The following questions will be answered by the research. Is having quality service a competitive advantage? Can TQM be used to capitalize on this advantage? How can the Hospitality business adopt TQM? What are the factors that enable the introduction of TQM culture in the hospitality industry?
2.2 Rationale for the research
Quality management is an effective approach for the hospitality business to gain market share and have a competitive advantage. This research will give an insight to better recognition of the critical success factors in the implementation of TQM in the hospitality industry through provision of better services to customers. There are great benefits to the business which influence both the hotel sector and the customers. Some of these benefits include competitive advantage through cost reductions, employee satisfaction and empowerment, communication and teamwork. Other advantages include customer’s satisfaction, loyalty and sustainability. Increased activities in the tourism industry and increased focus on international trade are among the various factors that have led to tremendous growth in the hospitality industry. As the level of competition becomes stiff competitive advantage is created through the provision of quality services. This research will help us understand the trend in enhancement of quality service in the hospitality business through setting of strategies that build customer relationships as well as staff to be competitive in the industry. TQM is a management approach that aims to continuously improve the performance of goods and services and this study main objective is to evaluate critical factors that contribute success in the hospitality business. Establishment of a long term customer relationship depends on the implementation of TQM strategies that effectively guides the business to be competitive and increase market share
2.3 Statement of the Research Objectives
The main objective of this study is to establish the role of TQM implementation in the hospitality business and how it influences competitive advantage. The research proposal will also highlight success factors that benchmark TQM practices like leadership, customer focus, customer relationship, HRM practices and other values added services that ensure customer satisfaction. The study will explore the relationships between identified Total Quality...

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