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The case of Toyota recall

By Daniel Opoku

Abstract Purpose: the main purpose of this study is to find out about the recalls of Toyota vehicles which lead to the death of some innocent lives. The recall was due to unintended acceleration. Toyota ultimately recalled millions of its cars for floor mat issues, brake problems and "sticky" gas pedals. Methodology: Data was collected online, by the help of some selected search engines. Information was collected from Toyota’s national website as well as other private sites. Findings/results: Most organization should seek for customers or consumer’s satisfaction rather than targeting of making high profit. Arrogance and choosing to ignore ...view middle of the document...

Looking for new growth markets and to hand the company over to his son, Sakichi Toyoda. Sakichi Toyoda invested in his research and development of an automobile in 1930. As the work was progressing, he established the first Automobile Department, within his existing "Toyoda Automatic Loom Works" company in September 1933. He later changed the name “Toyoda” to “Toyota” since he wanted to bridge the gap between his family name and the Company name. That is, making a clear distinction between his family (private
life) and his company (public life). Toyoda completed the first prototype of an engine named the type A successfully which leads to the establishment of Toyota Motor Corporation. Soon after, he launched its first small car known as the SA Model in 1974.

Over and above manufacturing, Toyota also has a global network of design and 'Research and Development' facilities, embracing the three major car markets of Japan, North America and Europe. Across the world, Toyota participates enthusiastically in community activities ranging from the sponsorship of educational and cultural programmes to international exchange and research.
The company never encountered a problem or any bad history until there was recalls of some automobiles by the Toyota Motor Corporation which occurred at the end of 2009 and commerce of 2010.

Although the Toyota Company is best known today for its cars, it is still in the textile business

and still makes automatic looms, which are now computerized and electric sewing machines which are available worldwide. Toyota Case Toyota recalled some of it automobiles due to unintended acceleration leading to the death of innocent people. Toyota ultimately recalled millions of its cars for floor mat issues, brake problems and "sticky" gas pedals. Sticky gas pedals/stuck gas pedal

Toyota case was due to potential problems with the gas pedal mechanism that can cause the accelerator to become stuck - regardless of whether the vehicle contains a floor mat. Toyota said in certain rare cases, the gas pedal mechanism wears down, causing the accelerator to become harder to press, slower to return or, in some cases, stuck. The gas pedals was too long and there is a little space between it and the floor mat. In all, there was a poorly designed floor mat Toyota began a massive recall last year worldwide to fix the problems that were attributed to faulty accelerators, floor mats getting stuck in gas pedals and brake problems in Prius hybrids. More than 8.5 million Toyota cars and trucks have been recalled. Drivers have complained of cars careering out of control at 65mph while overtaking, and negotiating roundabouts so fast that it felt like their car was on two wheels. A mechanical fault, caused by a combination of wear and cold and wet weather, Toyota believes, means that the accelerator pedal sometimes sticks down. Around 10,000 Toyota owners have so far contacted a hotline to air concerns.

Toyota was overwhelmed by massive...

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