Toxic Wasteland Essay

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Toxic Wasteland
Driving down the road, a passenger is exposed to all of the enchanting sights that nature has to offer. Images of trees soaring above the roads, water rushing through the creek, and dingy trash covering the fields, fill the minds of travelers. Human waste has interrupted the beauty of nature. Beer cans, plastic bags, and McDonald’s® wrappers are dispersed throughout the environment. Trash is tucked away deep into the crevices of cities, forests, fields, and oceans. Littering affects not only the view of the beautiful environment, but it also affects animals, water systems, and plant life. The consequences of littering diminish the quality of life for all organisms in the ...view middle of the document...

If littering was not an issue, the people cleaning up litter and the people fighting to keep the environment free of toxins would be out of work. Often times there are not enough garbage cans around. Finding a garbage can nearby is not the easiest task. When one is found, the garbage can is likely to be tipped over, causing more litter to infiltrate the environment. The effort it takes an individual to find a garbage can and throw away the trash could be saved by throwing the trash on the ground. If it is going to end up on the ground anyways, why not throw the trash directly on the ground? Environmentalists feel that everyone needs to cut back on littering, and their development of wastes. However, if littering in the environment is a world wide issue, one person will not make a difference. It would take everybody working together to change things. Changing human’s behaviors is difficult, and will not cultivate a healthier environment. These excuses are not justifiable when considering the consequences. Littering affects humans, animals, and plants in a negative way. It puts these creatures at risk of contamination. These viewpoints may seem acceptable to those individuals who are litterers; however, individuals that view the environment as a beautiful, valuable phenomenon realize that it needs to be preserved and protected from waste.
Humans may only be on this planet for a limited amount of time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has information about diseases and disorders that affect a human’s health, estimate that the human life span is 78.7 years (Life Expectancy). Humans are only on the planet for a limited amount of time. However, human beings need to respect the planet they live on and realize that they are responsible for maintaining and preserving the environment. By appreciating the planet that they were placed on and acting responsibly, humans can stop the planet from becoming a toxic wasteland.
The most common types of littering are from households and businesses. Items such as plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and fast food wrappers are among the top contenders for littered items. The Scottish Council services, that provide insight about litter, suggest that the most common places for littering takes place at shopping centers, routes to school (highways and ditches), or parks (Litter Facts). Preventing individuals from tossing wastes out of the window is almost impossible, but measures need to be taken in order to keep the ecosystem in check. Littering is the cause of multiple complications that animals, humans, and the soil suffer with everyday.
Soil and dirt cover most of the land. Humans usually tend to avoid dirt because it is unclean and unsanitary. While the Earth is covered in dirt, it does not mean that the planet itself is a “dirty” place. Soil is vital in the environment and always will be. Soil itself is not a dirty element; however when toxins from human wastes are absorbed...

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