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Towards Performance Excellence Essay

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Jacques Kemp: “Towards Performance Excellence”

Jacques Kemp became CEO of ING Insurance Asia/Pacific in 2003, which placed him in charge of 20 companies in 12 different countries. Leading these companies was difficult because each business unit used different strategies, methodologies, and even different terminologies within their individual business unit. Kemp’s vision was to unify and standardize ING Insurance Asia/Pacific. This would not be an easy task since each business unit managed themselves with their approaches.
The major issue that Kemp identified was the “management of management.” Kemp recognized that a lot of energy and efficiency were being wasted, and a lot of ...view middle of the document...

The implementation of TPE appeared to be well received within ING Asia/Pacific.
Towards Performance Excellence was a successful management concept because it reduced the complexities of the many different goals each business unit was working towards individually. TPE standardized not only customer focused areas, but also internal operational areas for ING Asia/Pacific. The standardized process made it easier for employees to manage in a consistent fashion and to increase efficiency. TPE was successful because it helped mangers operate in their daily functions. TPE was also successful for ING Asia/Pacific because Kemp believed that TPE was as complete a model for an organization as there could be, and differed from other management or operating models, which usually lacked focus on the critical details (Schotter pg 4). This concept was successful because it focused on every aspect of the business and put a major emphasis on the details of the businesses operations. Although Kemp saw TPE as a success for ING Asia/Pacific, there were many critics of this management concept.
Critics of Towards Performance Excellence argued that TPE offered no solution to fundamental strategic issues, such as the shortage of reserves for policy holders in Taiwan (Schotter pg 8). Towards Performance Excellence also presents several other possible issues that could occur if this management concept was implemented. TPE appears to be a straight-forward, micromanaged way of doing things. The processes are outlined down to every detail, leaving no room for creativity, individualism, innovation, and possible better efficiency. While ING may realize certain benefits of adopting this management concept, it could difficult for the business to grow as an organization and keep up with the competition if it has to adhere to such strict standards consistently. If changes were needed they would be slow to implement across the organization because the processes are not flexible and readily adaptable. It would also be difficult for managers to improve and for their creativity and individualism to thrive since the organizational form and management concept are so rigid with everything based on the...

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