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Tourist Destination Essay

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I. Rationale
The purpose of this research is to analyze main tourist destinations of the world in terms of how their characteristics draws the attention of tourist. The research also looks at factors or issues which may bring a negative appeal to a destination and destroy its brand image and how best these issues can be fixed for future generations.

II. Objectives
* To analyze present and predict future trends of main tourist destinations and generators of the world.
* To discuss the cultural, social and physical features of a tourist destination which brings appeal to tourist.
* To discuss how characteristics of a destination may affect its appeal both negatively and positively.
* To compare the appeal of a current leading tourist destination and a current developing tourist destination.

Literature Review
People travel to places for various reasons of maybe pleasure or ...view middle of the document...

Most destinations maybe about their cultural aspects like their music, dance etc that may draw the attention of a tourist wanting to visit that country, but there may also be a flip side.
A destination may have negative images that may make it unappealing to a tourist. (Dale, 2010) stated that," . Tourism can add significantly to the economic and social well-being of countries around the world, but can also have negative impacts on the people, culture and environment in destination areas, unless it is planned in a responsible manner." Some of these issues maybe cost of living, Political instability etc. There are also other factors that can cause a destination to be unpopular, but as stated by Dale if it is planned for then these issues can be controlled, so Sustainable tourism plays a big role in the development of a tourist destination.
(Dale, 2010) states, "Responsible tourism is all about developing tourism that does the least harm and provides the greatest benefit for destinations, tourists and the travel and tourism sector in the long-term." If all stakeholders of tourism create a plan that will benefit the host community and future generations to come then destinations, culture, tourist and people of the host can all benefit.

The type of research conducted was a qualitative research. This type of research is where data is collected from numerous sources by observation and analyzed or interpreted. Secondary sources such as internet books or articles were used to collect data.
Secondary sources used were internet books and articles. The benefit of secondary data has stated by (Crossman, 2014) is that " Someone else has already collected the data, so the researcher does not have to devote money, time, energy, and other resources to this phase of research." Information is always available on a wide scale through internet, books etc so it's a lot easier and accessible for the researcher.
There wasn't any limitation as information was quite accessible and there was a wide variety to choose from as the internet holds numerous information that is relevant to each particular question.

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