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Tourism Management Essay

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Tourism management fundamentals
1. 1. TOURISM – PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE Unit I: Introduction to Travel and Tourism
2. 2. The word Travel derived from the French word ‘Travail’ All Tourism involves Travel; but not all Travel involves Tourism
3. 3. • Tourism is part of LEISURE. • In modern times Tourism is only a recreational activity is a MISCONCEPTION because participating in meetings, seminars conferences, trade fairs, etc are also a tourism activity.
4. 4. Tourists • The tourist market is divided into: 1. The leisure tourist 2. The business tourist
5. 5. Visitors • A visitor is any person visiting a country other than that in which he/she has his/her usual place of ...view middle of the document...

• Tourism does not only mean travelling to a particular destination but also includes all activities undertaken during the stay. • It includes excursions.
11. 11. Domestic Tourism • It involves residents of a country travelling within the borders of that country.
12. 12. International Tourism • It involves people travelling from one country to another country, crossing national borders – International tourist may be inbound or outbound
13. 13. Domestic and international tourism
14. 14. Tourism Regions of the World
15. 15. Constituents of the tourism industry Main constituents Transport industry Hospitality industry Entertainment industry Travel agents and tour operators Guides and escorts Tourism organizations Secondary constituents Shops and state emporiums Arts and crafts Local transport Banks Insurance companies Communication services- Media Performing artists Publishers Advertisers Hawkers and coolies Agents and brokers
16. 16. Tourist Motivation and Behaviour 16
17. 17. Tourist motivations and typologies • Why do people go on holiday? • What factors influence their choices? • An understanding of the above can be used to create tourist typologies helps in tourism marketing, planning and development Macleod, 2010 17
18. 18. Motivation • ‘…a state of need, a condition that exerts a push on the individual towards certain types of action that are seen as likely to bring satisfaction’ • The tourist as a consumer of tourism products, places and experiences 18
19. 19. TRAVEL MOTIVATORS • The underlying motive for almost any type of tourist activity is escape – sometimes physical, sometimes mental. However, tourists can have multiple motives for travel. For example, a business traveller extends his trip to visit his conference destination to get rid of the stress he underwent. • In fact, one destination can see different travel motivation by different groups. For example, one group of tourists can be visiting Guwahati for spiritual purposes to visit Kamakhya Devi temple, another group can be visiting it for its tea gardens and yet another to shop for Assam silk. • It is this multi-facetedness of destinations that has to be realised and used by marketers for increasing sales keeping in view the motivators.
20. 20. 1) Non-Destination Motivators • a) Business • b) Visiting friends and Relatives (VFR) • c) Educational Travel
21. 21. 2) Destination Specific Travel Motivators • a) The intellectual component • b) The social component • c) The complete mastery component • d) The stimulus avoidance component
23. 23. Push and pull factors • Factors that push people towards a holiday – Why did you travel? • Factors that pull them towards a particular destination – Why did you go to that destination? Macleod, 2010 23
24. 24. Travel motivation • A variety of reasons for travelling which vary from person to person, from one holiday to another • Many types...

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