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Tourism Industry Since 1945 Essay

659 words - 3 pages

Research report
T1 2011
By David Dickinson


1) Introduction

2) Summary

3) Transportation network

- Air travel in mass market
- Ferry route and air travel
- Growth of motorways

4) Technological changes

-Mass produced customer products
-Mass produce of cars
-Development of internet and e-commerce

5) Socio-economic development

-High incomes
-Stable low inflation
-Greater amount of leisure time

6) Conclusion

7) References

Economic development after world war 2 producing an increased market of business for travellers and tourists. The task is to report the past decade since 1945 after world war 2 of the major economic developments ...view middle of the document...

The airline company “American export” was the first airline company to offer constant commercial flight between North America and Europe

• Growth of motorway network
There has always been a road for cars and horse carts, but since the 1940’s the government have placed a lot of money in to processing highways and more roads that have connected locations. The large number of people buying cars and trucks had pushed the government to increase construction on the roads for local transportation. As the roads expanded the tourism and hospitality industries increased in the local communities, because people were traveling around on holidays and business trips.

Technological Change:
• Mass produced consumer products
As transportation was increasing in capacity, larger amounts of martial could be transported and the industrial age began. Food used to b rationed and made by hand in small amounts. With everything starting to be largely manufactured bulk buying became easier and cheaper. Accommodation, restaurant , retail and transportation industries had the chance to buy bulk and provide...

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