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Tourism Industry Essay

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Challenges and Strategies – Enhancing Competitiveness of Indian Tourism Industry
Anurag Dugar* Competitiveness is a comparative concept, primarily applicable at the company or firm level (McFetridge, 1995) and indicates towards its willingness and ability to compete in a given market, but the contemporary usage of this term has extended its traditional meaning to new dimensions. However, for one school of thought, competitiveness is equally applicable to all business enterprises, levels of government and nonprofit agencies and workers of the postmodern nation state. (Hillman C. H. 1992), but for another the underlying premise for competitiveness is - ‘firms compete, and not nations’, for ...view middle of the document...

Tourism Industry is primarily service-oriented, people-based industry, in a largely seasonal business providing a wide range of services to ‘tourists’, often on 24X7 basis. It is unique because - 1) it is not a single, definable industry, instead it is made up of businesses and organizations belonging to various other industries and sectors and, 2) the interplay of all of these (businesses and organizations), when properly aligned, gives rise to Tourism Industry’s ultimate product ‘the travel experience’. Structure of Tourism Industry – a commonly held misconception is that tourism industry is made up of little more than hotels and motels, but in reality, it is much larger than that. However, a large part of tourism industry is a combination of Hospitality (a combination of businesses related to accommodation and dining) and Travel Industry (businesses providing transportation services (to tourists) through different modes). Other than these, there are numerous other businesses, which offer their services and products to the tourists and form a ‘part’ of the tourism industry. The chart given below indicates the vast and complex structure of Tourism Industry -

*Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre, School of Management, Jaipur



Components of Tourism Industry

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hotels & Motels Appartments Camps Guest House Hostels

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Lodge Bed and Breakfast House Boats Resorts Cabins

ATTRACTIONS Natural Cultural Educational Events Medical Social Professional Adventure Tours Religious Tours Educational tours Special Interest Meeting Organizers Event Organizers Conference Organizers

Monuments TOUR OPERATORS Incoming Outgoing Cruises

Day tours and sight seeing BUSINESS TOURISM Incentive Meeting Events Exploring New Possibilities

CARRIERS Airlines Roadways Railways

• • • • • • • • •

Cruises Rent-a-cars and other vehicle hiring Local transportation (includes city-buses, auto/taxi, boats, trams, local trains etc)

Ships DISTRIBUTION, COORDINATION AND FACILITATING SERVICES Government Agencies (at all levels) Packaging agents Guides Tour Managers

Ticketing Agents Tour Wholesalers Holiday Sellers Industry Associations Machinery and equipment hiring and leasing Garments


Conference on Global Competition & Competitiveness of Indian Corporate




• •

Souvenir Books

• • • • • • • •

Medicine Luggage All other retail shops used by tourists Roadside joints Cafeterias All retail beverages counters serving food and

• •

At hotels (all kinds) Local Restaurants


• •

Insurance (travel, life, medical, luggage etc) Recreational services

Communication Services (Phone, Internet, Postal services etc) Banking Services


Most players in tourism industry are SMEs which are neither a uniform group, nor able to...

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