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Tourism In The Caribbean Essay

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When people think of the Caribbean, for those who have never been they might envision themselves lounging by the crystal clear beaches and soaking up the sun but that is just a small part of what this region has to offer. With a thriving tourism industry more people are experiencing the gems of the Caribbean and to keep that alive, efficient and effective business management within the hospitality industry have helped to make tourism one of the largest revenue generating sectors in the Caribbean.
Tourism is the business or industry of providing information, accommodation, transportation and other services to tourists. The Caribbean is a multicultural area of the globe of more than seven ...view middle of the document...

The Caribbean is a popular vacation spot, some people come to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to bask in the tranquility of island life, others come to enjoy the festivals like the popular Trinidad carnival which sees about 50,000 visitors a year to partake in this colorful festivity (Individual Country Statistic, 2015).
There are three key components of hotel operations that determine the success of the business, which are, the customers, the workforce and the assets (Pender and Sharpley, 2005). These components go hand in hand, as with any other business, the manager has to oversee and coordinate tasks that employees are required to carry out, to ensure that they are done properly to achieve the goals and proper functioning of the organization (Robbins and Coulter, 2012).
In order to ensure the efficient functioning of a hotel, there needs to be a manager with impressive leadership skills. They should be able to plan what needs to be done, lay out strategies about how to do so, be able to motivate and help employees along the way, organize resources appropriately, correct issues as they come along and provide feedback to employees where necessary.
Proper functioning work relationships are an essential key to the success of any business. When employees get along with management they more than likely will get along and work well with other employees and customers. Motivated employees put their best foot forward, they are friendly and accommodating to guests and go the extra mile to ensure that they are comfortable and have an enjoyable stay at the establishment. When visitors are treated with such warm hospitality it makes them feel special and they are more likely to return. Visitors will also then spend more on amenities and other activities at the hotel, leave tips for workers and spread the word about their wonderful stay.
The hotel therefore sees higher revenues and popularity and with this they are able to expand operations, create more jobs for locals, which has an extremely beneficial impact on local economies. It is estimated that the tourism industry directly supports 687,000 jobs throughout the region (Kennedy).
There is an integral relationship between quality and an organization’s product, service and likely success. Once an organization puts forth a great product or service, customers will respond favorably to that, which will then increase profits and build a great reputation for that business. It is said that the key to quality in the tourism industry is human resources, as a service industry that depends upon a range of human skills (Pender and Sharpley, 2005).
Human resource management’s main function is to maximize employee performance that deals with issues related to their training, wellness and motivation among other areas. Service quality can be achieved by integrating some human resource...

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