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Tourism In St. Jacobs Essay

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Executive Summary Data was collected using a short written survey, during September/October 2001. A total of 123 visitors to the village of St. Jacobs completed surveys.The results indicated that 48% of the 123 respondents were male, and 52% were female. Additionally, 60% were 50 years of age or older. The majority of the respondents were travelling within the province (82%), and most of these 101 individuals lived in Southern Ontario. Most of the visitors were spending less than a day in St. Jacobs and used their own automobile for transportation. Since most of the respondents were spending less than a day in St. Jacobs, they did not require accommodation in the village. When visitors were ...view middle of the document...

Jacobs tourism management team when deciding what to add, remove, and maintain in the future.The following objectives are derived from the results of the survey: 1) Getting People There This can be achieved through effectively marketing St. Jacobs to tour operators. Tour operators that provide bus tours could further increase the number of visitors to the Village. The tour operators chosen should have excellent links to travel agents that could further promote both the bus tours and St. Jacobs itself. Additionally, the promotion of bus tours could be an excellent opportunity for cross-promotions. For example, bus tours to St. Jacobs could be tied to other destinations. Also, advertising in more effective and visible mediums will likely improve the reach of the existing marketing campaigns.2) Keeping People There: Through bus tours of at least two days in length, encouraging a minimum of one night's accommodation will increase the visitors' length of stay. Another method of keeping people in the village is to provide more things for them to see and do, such as, "how-to" workshops. By providing the visitors with more things to do, they might want/need to increase their length of stay. A third technique would be to create packages. An example of a package that could be created is teaming transportation with dinner, and theatre tickets.3) Bringing People Back Maintaining the high standards that St. Jacobs has been known for will be essential to earning repeat patronage. Also, direct marketing is another method that should be explored. For example the creation of a mailing list will constantly remind the visitors about the village of St. Jacobs. A third method to bring people back, would be to offer incentives. For example a coupon could be distributed to the participants of the package that entitles them to a discount on dining during their next visit to St. Jacobs.Introduction Tourism is the world's largest industry (Gartner, pg 4)) . In order for a destination to maintain a competitive advantage, it must create a unique experience for its visitors. St. Jacobs is a unique destination. The St. Jacobs' tourism management team realizes the need to conduct research studies in order to understand the needs, wants, and expectations of their visitors. Research allows management to consider future changes, which will in turn evolve the existing product and create a new and unique experiences for tourists.History and Background St. Jacobs was first known as "Jacobstettel" which means "Jacob's village" but was officially named St. Jacobs in 1852 (St. Jacobs, 2001). This unique village is one of the original Mennonite settlements in Ontario where the Old Order Mennonites have retained their religion, customs and lifestyle. The area is now populated with a mix of both Old Order and Progressive Mennonites.St. Jacobs has been known for having some of Canada's largest barns, for the superb quality of its butter and for being the home of the first creamery in...

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