Tourism Development Plan National Library Of The Philippines

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“Tourism Development Plan: National Library of the Philippines”
– Nation’s Literature’s Shelter Beautification

A Thesis Proposal
Presented to the
Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM)
Far Eastern University (FEU) – Manila

In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for
Tourism Planning and Development (TPAD)

Baladad, Arlou Belle P.
Celestial, Danisse Ann P.
Fabros, Jeric Neil V.
Huang, Ya-Hui E.
Opinaldo, Cathleen Karla L.
Platino, Shane Marienette M.

“Tourism Development Plan: National Library of the Philippines” – Nation’s Literature’s Shelter Beautification


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Theoretical Framework

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Statement of the Problem

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Objectives of the Study

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Research Methods


Research Methods



Mapping Database

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Targeted Results

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Scope and Limitation

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Researchers’ Information Sheet


“Tourism Development Plan: National Library of the Philippines” – Nation’s Literature’s Shelter Beautification


Problem Rationale


National Library of the Philippines (NLP) is situated on a portion of Rizal Park (Luneta Park),
the most popular destination in Ermita, Manila, facing T. M. Kalaw Street. Established in 1901,
its lifetime has passed throughout different Philippine colonial period, and modern generation in
which we are living right now.

In this development plan, the researchers would like to inquire further research purposes
interview with the best contact person in charge inside National Library of the Philippines,
relative information on the Internet, book references in libraries, and even some local citizens’
word of mouth around to accomplish a worthwhile research on renovation.

In the end of this proposal, the researchers would like to provide a comfortable learning
ambiance for visitors, upgrade most of the facilities to look more authentic, and enhance the
creativity of facility design that can seem somehow distinct from other libraries while upholding
the historical spirit within its structural design at the same time. Such outcome cannot only boost
the number of tourists to visit and be willing to stay longer and then further recognize it as one of
the iconic attractions within the country but also increase the inbound revenue sources on
tourism to the economic benefits of its district.
Introduction of the Study
“Tourism Development Plan: National Library of the Philippines” – Nation’s Literature’s Shelter Beautification



National Library of the Philippines is the keeper of our nation’s soul and heritage. It is notable
for being the home of José P. Rizal’s original works such as Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo,
and Mi Ultimo Adiós. It has abundant Filipiniana collections that preserve the institution as the
nation’s fountain of knowledge and source of information for thousands of students and
researchers who daily use the library’s collections in their studies.

The history of National Library may be dated from the opening of Museum-Library of the
Philippines which was established at Interdencia in Intramuros during the late Spanish colonial
period. After the library was moved to Gunao St. in Quiapo near the present site of Masjid AlDahab, the director then, Paterno, published the first issue of Bulletin of the Museum-Library of

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