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Tourism Development Feasibility Study Essay

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A snack bar usually refers to an inexpensive food counter that is part of a permanent structure where snack foods and light meals are sold. A beach snack bar is often a small building situated high on the sand. Besides soft drinks, candies and chewing gum, some snack bars sell hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, potato chips, corn chips and other foods. While this is usually the case, sometimes "snack bar" refers to a small café or cafeteria. Various small, casual dining establishments might be referred to as a "snack bar," including a beverage and snack counter at a movie theater and/or a small deli. Many places that have snack bars have a "No Outside ...view middle of the document...


Planning a business project would be easier if complete detail of the proposed business is indicated. The outcome of the study would be developed and changed as ideas came out of each researchers mind. All business must have their own name to be published and know where would the perfect location would be. Mission and vision are included to strengthen its goal to the market.

2.1 Name of the Proposed Business

Giving a name for a business is very complicated. Ideas come out continuously. The proposed business name “Snack up!” for the snack bar was brought by brainstorming of ideas that makes the name unique and easy to remember. The name is simple, short, recognizable and easy to remember. It’s like saying message to customers to eat snack at the store and would call their attention especially for busy individuals.

2.2 Proposed Location

Our proposed location for the establishment is at Balibago Complex near Target Mall which could accommodate maximum of 26 counts of customers. The lot has a total measure of 150 square meters estimated to 15,000,000. The location will have easy access of transportation and provide wide lot for parking. It is in the centre of industry in Balibago complex and will assure income over facility cost because of the fast given services and quality food given to costumers.

2.3 Description of Business/Projects

Putting up a business is easy to foresight but the process itself is difficult to build. The proposed business is about putting up a snack bar at Balibago Complex near Target Mall, which have the name “Snack up!” and is located along the high way for easy transport and easy access for takeout services of snacks. The business is offering snacks and other food supplies that are healthy and easy to serve. Every business that we have would give excellent and quality services that make customers be satisfied and will make them comeback.

The researchers want to implement the rule of keeping hot food hot and cold food cold when served to prevent spoilage and contamination. The snack bar business named “Snack-Up” offers a fast and convenient service, choices of food to offer. It will be coated along the high way of Balibago Complex near that would have small parking lot. The location of the business would be an easy route for busy individual.

The proposed owners and general managers of the business are Ms. Gerero and Mr. Reyes. The proposed business snack bar manager will be Ms. Lantay. The assistant snack bar Manager would be Mr. Alarde and Mr. Aleta. The snack bar cook will be Mr. Castalone and Ms. Castillo.
The offered menus include burgers fries and chips, hotdogs, hotcakes, sandwiches, desserts, pizza, beverages, waffles and popcorns. The business will operate seven days a week and opening starts from 8am in the morning and will close at 8pm in the evening....

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