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Touching The Void Essay

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How Does Each Writer Present His Particular
Point Of View of the Same Event
Language throughout Joe’s account is quite traumatic, and quite a lot of the words give imagery to do with unbearable pain and both mental and physical agony. ‘My thoughts raced madly. Then the pain flooded through my thigh.’ This shows that he is in a lot of physical and mental pain, and helps give the reader a sense of how terrible it was breaking a leg on Mount Everest. Joe describes that he’s done for, now that he broke his leg and that nothing could’ve been done to save him.
There are very dark words throughout the piece as well, such as ‘terrible’, ‘dark’, ‘dread’, and ‘dead’. All these words give dark and ...view middle of the document...

It will also have an effect on the intensity of the account. A lot of the sentences are short, once again to build up tension and keep high intensity just to emphasize the remarkable situation. An example of the short sentences would be ‘I screamed. I looked down at my knee and could see that it was broken.’ The short sentences also reflect his very own thought processes while in the state of fear and panic being stuck in that terrifying situation.
However in Simon’s account, he has written in complete contrast to Joe’s account of the story. He doesn’t show much guilt for Joe, and is almost waiting for him to fall, because Simon knows that if he tries to save Joe he will probably die along with Joe.
Ironically, in the end Simon is the one who actually saves Joe. Simon thought Joe wasn’t as injured as he actually was, explaining his sort of negative and emotionless writing. Or, as soon as Joe announces that he’s broken his leg, Simon automatically changes and wants him to fall, so that Simon himself can be saved, because he knows...

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