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Total Reward System Essay

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Total Rewards System Paper
University of Phoenix Online
HRM570/Employee Motivation and Compensation
November 27, 2006

Total Reward System
Developing ways to increase job satisfaction and employee motivation include a total reward system. A total reward system includes more than just an individual’s pay and benefits. An organization needs to design a reward system needs that is aligned with their mission, goals, and strategic plan. Throughout this paper, the role of rewards and motivation practices within the education industry will be discussed. The discussion will demonstrate how elements of a total reward system are used throughout a school district in North ...view middle of the document...

In addition to their direct compensation which is typically their salary, teachers receive indirect compensation. Indirect compensation can include things such as discounts to local gyms, in-house childcare, and flexible work schedules. Teachers in Cumberland County can enjoy the discounted price they receive for membership to the Health Plex and local childcare centers. Cumberland County teachers are allowed to have their children attend the schools or sister schools they teach at, regardless of the district they are assigned to. Different types of indirect compensation help to cut teacher’s personal expenses and create balance between their personal and work life.
Being a teacher is an important job. The responsibility of teaching and enhancing another person’s mind and life is meaningful work. Cumberland County, Northfield School District in Northfield, NJ, and Central Unified School District (CUSD) in Fresno, California teachers all receive special recognition and appreciation during National Teacher Appreciation Week, which is the first full week of May. In addition to this week, teachers have the freedom to modify their classroom structure and methods in any way they like in order to successfully teach and make a difference in children’s lives. Being able to do their job successfully with the proper tools, and see passing grades and growth in children makes a teacher’s job meaningful.
Retention is a major Human Resources challenge in the education industry. Therefore, career development assists with long-term career opportunities and retention. CUSD in Fresno, CA has various programs teachers can attend to help with professional development, such as ones to help with designing effective lesson plans, and ensuring teacher quality. Possessing certain qualities as an individual makes schools want to hire a person as a teacher. On the other hand, a school district with high values, a strong mission and goals, qualified faculty and staff, and a good, solid reputation for educational success makes a teacher proud to be affiliated with that district. Most teachers who have a positive identity affiliation with a school district do not leave that district.
Rewards Systems Impact on Organizational Performance
According to Lawler and Worley (2006) because they can vary both the kinds of rewards they give and the reasons for which they give them, organizations can draw from an almost infinite number of approaches to reward individuals (p. 2). Therefore, each school district within a state must make sure their reward systems are aligned with their mission and goals. In CUSD teachers receive an annual raise for their years of service to the school district. Cumberland County gives all teachers a supplement check the end of the year, but also gives it tenure teachers, those who have taught over ten years in the county, a year-end bonus. Teachers in Northfield School District also appreciate the indirect compensation they receive, such as...

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