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Total Quality Pioneers Essay

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Total Quality Pioneers
MGT/449 Quality Management and Productivity
Andy Barron
Victor Rayneri
June 6, 2011

Total Quality Pioneers

W. Edwards Deming was a very influential person when it came to quality. He influenced the Japanese industrial renaissance after World War II. Deming was also very influential in the United States, but not until after his influence in Japan was heard in the United States. At the beginning, Deming’s own country, the United States, wouldn’t listen to his ideas, so he went to Japan and became known as one of the major contributors of total quality (Petersen, 1987).
Define Quality and its Elements
Quality is defined in many different ways ...view middle of the document...

Now let’s take a look at the element of quality which is the prevention of problems.   According to Six Sigma an organization must consistently produce what the customer wants but at the same time reducing errors before and after the delivery to the customer.   An organization must continually improve the quality of its products or services to keep its customers coming back.
Use of the Total Quality Elements
While Edwards Deming’s was growing up he learned the appreciation for economy and thrift while his family was traveling around from town to town. But it was when Deming worked at Western Electric that he realized just how much waste he saw at the plant. It was then Deming pioneered the use of statistics in quality (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). Deming was invited by several of Japan’s leaders to come to Japan to share his views on quality, which unlike the United States, Japan accepted Deming’s views, learned his techniques, and adopted his philosophy (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). By the 1980’s Deming’s services began to be requested by his own country.
Elements of Quality in Today’s Environment
Without high expectations of satisfactory quality, we would have unfavorable products, goods, and service. Without good quality we would be willing to accept or settle for anything, in any condition. We would not have any type of standards. First-rate quality is essential to achieve success in any business.

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