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Total Quality Pioneer Paper

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Total Quality Pioneers Paper
Quality is something that everyone puts a premium on regardless what is being considered. Quality is considered from simple things as coffee pots to more extravagant items such as Rolex watch and complex micro chips that fuel modern day computers. Additionally, quality is placed on intangibles like service. Quality is important to both customers and business owners. If businesses do not provide quality services or products, then customers will not use that business or service. According to Smith (2012) “Most organizations have no idea of their total cost of poor quality. The cost of poor quality is defined as the costs that would disappear if systems, ...view middle of the document...

But his ultimate contribution would come in the 1950’s when he was accepted by the Japanese to help them implement quality management measure across various industries. This impact was felt the greatest in the auto industry which help the Japanese automakers produces better quality cars than the American automakers counterparts (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). The irony of this is that the American automaker rejected Deming’s quality management ideas which lead him to turn to the Japanese.
Elements of Quality That Are Useful in Today’s Environment
For any business to have continued long term success, they must place a premium on quality management. Business must be strategic in its approach to quality. Quality must play a major role in its mission if the business is to achieve its vision of success.
As with any aspect of business success, the customer is the driving force. The customer and the customer only will determine the success of the company. The customer may defined as an individual, or other businesses using a product or service of an existing business. The customer must be thoroughly satisfied that they are getting a product or service that meets or exceeds their expectation of quality for that they are using. Because of this, it is imperative that business ensures that its products or services will consistently meet or exceeds the customer’s expectation.
Developing an organization...

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