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Total Quality Management (TQM)

(Cool & Schendel, 1988) were of the view that since the last decade, the focus or rather emphasis in strategic management thinking process has shifted away from traditional structure and competitive positioning of any form, rather it has been diverted to internal, company/firm focused within strategic group factors.

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Like for instance lets again take the example of Dr. Hussien Ahmad Al-Tarawneh research on Jordan’s higher educational sector with context to TQM management practices that while it can be applied to the case in point, it needs to modified or contoured according to the fact that “education sector” per say is not a physical tangible product, unlike when applying TQM with respect to companies which produces a certain number of materials such as for example automotive vehicles for instance, unlike these, the education sector is a service based entity and can be treated as such by keeping under consideration the factors related to it such as literacy rate, basic access to education, the content material etc. Point being whatever the nature of the company or the sector, the TQM is being applied according to its own specification and environmental paradigms. Firstly, the need to extrapolate the subject at hand by narrowing down its basic factors, attributes and sheer nature. One can’t out rightly apply or rather clone the exact same approach of TQM utilized by a company whose dynamics are completely different than its own.

Like most of the management approaches or methodologies, they needs to be quantified and assigned a numerical value in order to find out its efficacy in terms of deployment and getting desired results. Therefore, it will be crucially important to view Total Quality Management (TQM) from economic value standpoint.

According to (Thomas C. Powell, 1995) He suggests that “TQM has disseminated widely among Fortune1000 firms, presumably because managers believe TQM improves performance. However, both the anecdotal evidence and the empirical studies suggest considerable variability in TQM's performance impacts, ranging from unprecedented successes to bankruptcy and abandonment of TQM.” Furthermore he goes on to recommends that “Under the resource view, success derives from economically valuable resources that other firms cannot imitate, and for which no equivalent substitute exists. Is TQM such a resource? According to TQM advocates, TQM does produce value, through a variety of benefits: improved understanding of customers' needs; improved customer satisfaction; improved internal communication; better problem-solving; greater employee commitment and motivation; stronger relationships with suppliers; fewer errors; and reduced waste”

Hence it is evident to a degree that yes indeed, TQM does produces value provided TQM model is complete and built keeping under perspective the 12 TQM factors. Which include terms such as 1.Committed Leadership 2. Adoption & Communication of TQM 3.Closer Customer Relations. 4. Closer supplier relationship 5. Benchmarking 6. Increased Training 7. Open Organization 8.Employee Empowerment 9.Zero-Defects Mentality 10. Flexible manufacturing 11. Process Improvement and 12. Measurement respectively. These factors are defined in more comprehensive and detailed manner in the exhibit titled “Table 2” below.

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