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Torture, Right Or Wrong? Essay

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The word interrogation can conjure many scenarios where getting critical information at any cost is the main objective. Is torture as a means of obtaining information that would save lives going too far? Torture is meant be cruel and demeaning and should only be allowed when there are no other options, and under certain conditions such as: innocent lives are in immediate danger, used on enemy combatants that do not fall under the Geneva Convention, or any enemy that breaks the protocols of the Geneva Convention. Reasonably, these situations are the only way to justify torture as a tool to ascertain vital information that could prevent another 9/11 attack.
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The next two points are tied together by the Geneva Convention. This consisted of four treaties which were created in cooperation with the United Nations and Red Cross at four conventions; the most recent and referred to convention was in 1949. The Geneva Convention is primarily concerned with the treatment of injured or ill members of the armed forces, civilians, and prisoners of war during hostilities. The first convention dealt with the wounded and sick members of the armed forces in the field. The second dealt with the wounded, sick, and shipwrecked members of the armed forces at sea as well as shipwreck victims. The third addressed prisoners of war and the fourth and final convention dealt with civilians in times of war.”( Due to these conventions, the government of which ever country in question had an obligation to uphold the rights of those specified above, and make sure they were treated as well as that country’s own civilians and armed forces. If an individual, or group does not fall under the Geneva Convention (e.g. terrorist groups like the Taliban, or Al Qaeda) then that group or individual should not be subjugated to the treatment specified under the Geneva Convention. When evidence indicates that a group or individual has...

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