Torture : A Debatable Topic Essay

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Imagine you just told a lie. You get caught. They take you to court and the judge rules on you a sentence for life. They throw you to your prison cell and laugh. You cant count the number of days that pass because of the darkness of the cell. They open the door and take you to the showers. They spray you with hot and extremely cold water to prepare you for your execution. They later tie you on a rope and hang you above a tank full of sharks for everybody to see. You dangle there, waiting for your fate. Suddenly a shark jumps and eats your body. He is satisfied with the meal. You are dead. The lie has killed you. That's torture. That's pure torture. A poem I once read said: "They all weep ...view middle of the document...

Torture is illegal and should never be used in today's world.Torture has been regarded as subtending three classes or degrees of suffering. First-degree torture typically took the forms of whipping and beating but did not mutilate the body. The most prevalent modern example is bastinado, a technique of beating or whipping the soles of the bare feet. Second-degree torture consisted almost entirely of crushing devices and procedures, including exceptionally clever screw presses or "bone vises" that crushed thumbs, toes, knees, feet, even teeth and skulls in a wide variety of ways. A wide array of "boots"-machines variously, ingeniously designed to slowly squeeze feet until their bones shattered-are quite representative. Finally, third-degree tortures savagely mutilated the body in numerous dreadful ways, incorporating spikes, blades, boiling oil, and extremely carefully controlled fire.Torture shouldn't be justified as Nicholas mercer said to David Vance: "this is all adherent and I don't belie you or anyone else advocates such practice. Above of all we should abide by the rule of law and practice human decency at all costs. "What he is trying to say is that torture isn't a way to treat people and it shouldn't be allowed in today's society.During the middle Ages, torture was considered a legitimate way to extract confessions, punish offenders, and perform executions. Some methods were considerably crueler than others - these 10 being among the most barbaric and brutal. Some techniques of torture include the Judas cradle, the saw torture, the pear of anguish, the breaking wheel, the iron chair, the head crusher, the rat torture, the breast ripper, the knee...

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