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Topshop Brand Report

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Fashion Promotion: Brand Report

BA (Hons) Writing, Fashion and Culture Nathalie Yvette Dawe

1.0…Abstract 2.0…Introduction 2.1… History of Fashion Promotion 2.2… Theory of Fashion Promotion 2.3… What is PR? 2.4… What is advertising? 3.0… Methodology 3.1… Topshop store visits 3.2… Independent research 3.3… Questionnaire 3.4… Analysis of findings 3.5… Conclusion 4.0… Findings 4.1… Visual Merchandising 4.2… Advertising 4.3… PR 4.4… Marketing and Promotion 5.0… Discussion 5.1…Success of Topshops visual merchandising strategies 5.2… Success of Topshops advertising strategies 5.3… Success of Topshop PR 5.4… Success of Topshops marketing and promotional strategies 6.0… Conclusion ...view middle of the document...

2.0…This section will examine the history of fashion promotion and look at the theory of promotion, identifying its development, and looking at what has happened as a result of this.

2.1… Today fashion promotion is a key element to gaining a market for a brand or product being produced. Advertising, marketing, visual merchandising, and PR are fundamental to the success of fashion promotion.

The earliest example of a promotional tool is suggested to be “the town crier who would literally call out in the streets the availability of goods or services of a seller” (Easey, 1995). However promotion has developed significantly over the years and fashion promotion is still relatively new.

Today the communication between a high street brand such as Topshop and the consumer is achieved simply through the straightforward model of communication (shown below).


In relation to fashion, it would normally be identified by the company that “a campaign is needed” (Easey, 1995). If the fashion company or store identifies that there is need for a greater communication with its consumers it will adopt a method from the “promotional mix which is traditionally listed as advertising, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling” (Easey, 1995)

Advertising is possibly the oldest method of promotion to be used successfully in the media, although ‘half price sales’ and ‘buy one get one free’ offers have always existed, with high-street brands in competition with each other to gain more custom. PR is suspected as being the most recent form of fashion promotion in the media, as the world of celebrity has become a key tool to the development of PR in the last decade. Brands use celebrities by encouraging them to wear their products through ‘gifting’ them, which simply means giving them merchandise from the brand free of charge. This is called a celebrity endorsement, and will feature throughout this report.

2.2… Promotion is the communication with customers about products and services to create demand and encourage purchases. Fashion promotion is used by high-street fashion brands such as Topshop to achieve just this.

It is made up of a combination of promotional strategies, consisting of:      Visual Merchandising Advertising PR Marketing and Promotion

Fashion Promotion is one of the four major elements in the marketing mix in order for it to be successful an understanding of how promotion, links with product, price, and place is required.

Stores such as Topshop use the theoretical elements of fashion promotion to create awareness, convince and remind customers of the benefits of their brand, in a hope to encourage and stimulate purchases. This report identifies the areas of fashion promotion, examining the theory adopted by Topshop during autumn/winter 08’

2.3…PR is an abbreviation for public relations; these are activities which are designed to build positive relations with the customers,...

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