Topic: How Does Transformational Leadership Help To Shape The Vision Mission And Objectives Of A Changing Organization?

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October 19th 2013

Business 288- Med term paper

Topic: How does transformational leadership help to shape the vision mission and objectives of a changing organization?

The name transformational leadership is sometimes meant to denote the transformation of team members from a focus on individual goals to a commitment to the goals of the organization. A transformational leadership is one that does have the objective, mission and vision of the organization in mind. A transformational leader is effective because she/he is visibly undergoing his/her own transformation. Leadership as this take ...view middle of the document...

In the Yukl (1994) “Transformational Leadership” is the process of influencing major changer in the attitudes and assumptions of organizational members and building commitment of the organization’s mission, objectives and strategies. They are able to cultivate the acceptance of the group mission by their follower through intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration. The transformational leaders have a six-stage process than shape the Vision, Mission and Objectives. 1) creating and communicating the need for change… 2) overcoming resistance to change, 3) making personal commitment and sacrifices for changes… 4) articulating a vision, 5) generating commitment to the vision…6) institutionalizing the vision.
According to Oakley & Kruy (1991) the transformational Leadership not only have the vision of the organization but also have the ability to get their employees to accept ownership for that vision as their own, thus developing the commitment to carry it through to completion. The Transformational leaders activities don’t need to have the vision themselves; they need only to possess the willingness and ability to draw the vision from their employees and inspire and empower them to do what it takes to bring the vision into reality. Again a successful transformational leadership plays a significant role in the shaping and development and maintenance of the organization. Organization often encounters challenges and issues pertaining to the relationship between leadership styles and organizational culture. The transformational leadership allows constantly looking into the future for new possibilities. This is what a mission, vision and objective of an organization should be about.
This type of leadership is a changer of context (change people’s frame if reference or thinking so that they see new opportunities that were not notice in the vision. They stand-up for, speak...

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