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Topic: A Drastic Change Was Made To The Primary School Curriculum In 1999. 1. Explain The Rationale Behind The Need For Changes To The Curricula. 2. What Immediate And Long Term Impact Do These Changes Have For Teachers,

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The environment in which the new generation of learners is being immersed is driven by gadgets and other technological devices. Hence the education system has to embark on a paradigm shift and measures be put in place in order to accommodate this new generation. We also need and to facilitate and embrace a mode of teaching and learning that will epitomize their new status. As a result of this, the Primary School curriculum underwent drastic changes in 1999, thus making a significant difference in the quality of education that is presently being delivered at the primary level.
The curriculum that existed previously before to1999 was specific in three basic areas. These were Mathematics, ...view middle of the document...

It was with this view in mind that the reviewers of the curriculum added to the revised product the skills and competencies needed that will help pupils develop and enhance their personal development to become productive citizens. This curriculum was ; and not just for to passing an examination at the end of each level. Including in the new revised curriculum is an avenue to reflect children’s social, psychological and educational changes through the new methodologies that the teacher will employ. These methods include strategies such as cooperative learning, group and project work as pupils explore and share ideas and identify and share problems. This gives rise to less chalk and talk and more activity based learning through interaction and socialization.
The curriculum is designed to be delivered in such a way that children will be able to make connections between school and the real world. In so doing, children will be able to construct meaning for themselves as they begin to understand the world and to make wise choices as they face challenges of the new millennium. There is activity based instruction and , grouping, Rrespect and love for each learner is fostered as their individual work is displayed,. Aa wide range of discussion in the classroom and peer tutoring lend for confidence building. Record keeping is also utilized by teachers for transparency as pupils’ strengths and needs are examined and addressed.
The implementation of the new curriculum has impacted the teaching learning experience in many positive ways. One of these positives of the new curriculum is that it is more children - centered. It is designed that every child can learn and so provide opportunities for the identification and development of all their intelligences. The child will then be prepared to face the challenges of the twenty-first century and beyond. Another positive is that it now fosters integration for the subject areas in Grades 1 to Grade 3 and in Grades 4-6, there discreet subject areas with the potential for integration. Integration enables the students to understand the relevance of what they are learning and the relationships between the subject matters. Since the curriculum is spiral; it allows students to be adding on information on each discipline as they are promoted each year.
Yet another positive effect of the new curriculum can be seen in the organization and structure of the Doctor Bird Series Readers which areis now more colourful with its focus on Jamaica, the Caribbean and the wider world. Another positive concerns the content area books published by Carlong Publishers. These content books now carry real life pictures and a section that informs all teachers of best practices when using these very important classroom tools with students.
With the emergence of the new curriculum, there were also changes that were inevitable with the format and structure of the examinations that students would face at the end of each school year. The...

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