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Topic 2 Discussion question #1

How does knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provide a context in which to understand current practice?
By having the knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provides even the third generation nurse such as myself to understand the growth and ability to grow in the field. One must be able to identify the unsurmountable challenges faced by Florence Nightingale can empower the registered nurse throughout their career. By taking the time to study our history, each registered nurse can more effectively support the standard of evidence based practice.
I was raised in a family where my grandmother, mother, aunts and cousins were all nurses. Each one in her own specialty. In my late teens, my mother went into education and taught in a school of nursing, climbing the leadership ladder to at the ...view middle of the document...

To the uniforms of today…no hat, varying uniforms in regards to material, color, styles and design. Gone is the traditional white dress.
I was just beginning to contemplate the career field during the transition of wearing of the traditional with hat, marked with the solid 1 or 2 black strips indicating LPN vs RN ended. During the presentation I found it interesting that the cap was initially intended to keep the nurses long hair contained.
From our humble beginnings of a profession that was to care for the indigent, homeless and ill to where it is today speaks to the level of respect our current society places on the Registered Nurse. While in our history the nursing profession was essentially was one of little to no respect that is now the leading profession looked upon as honest and respected by our communities. With the exception of 2001 and 2002, the profession of Nursing ranks #1 in the areas of honesty and ethics. During the years stated, we fell to the #2 spot, out ranked by fire fighters.
Emerging technology and its influence on healthcare creates an opportunity for the nurse to become essentially the lifelong student. As a leader in a rapidly expanding operating room, I continue to be amazed to the advances in surgical technique on a daily basis. It was not long ago that our first Robot was purchased, the excitement and apprehension surrounding this massive change was palatable. To think that we just on boarded our third robot, and that this one is laser guided and docks itself, I still find myself at the bedside amazed. Electronic medical records have created an era of transparency and open communication between the provider, nurse, and patient. To be able to log into a computer and view the patients chart from the comfort of their home, creates an avenue in which a provider and nurse can share results between themselves as well as the patient. This one thing in itself has made successful continuum of care.

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